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IBM Storage DS8900F is the fastest, most reliable and secure storage system for IBM Z® and IBM Power® servers.

The accelerated adoption of digital business models and the growth of online operations bring big challenges and great opportunities. Today your organization must have the ability to use data to build faster, more efficient operations. You must achieve stronger data-driven decisions, access deeper insights and develop trust and confidence while increasing security and data privacy.

IBM Storage DS8900F is the next generation of enterprise data systems built with the most advanced processor technology. It is designed to provide the performance and data resilience you need to increase customer satisfaction and transform data into business opportunities.

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Explore the interactive product tour to discover the technology inside the DS8980 next generation of enterprise data system.

IBM Copy Service Manager simplifying your IBM storage management network

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Benefits for IBM Z systems Ultra-low latency

Faster application response time for mainframe environments, with ultra-low latency between servers and storage systems.

Business continuity

Better than 99.99999 (“seven nines”) availability and no-data-loss automatic failover within metropolitan distances.

Rapid recovery

Faster disaster recovery capabilities for mainframe environments, with superior RPO and RTO over long distances.

100% data encryption

Encryption of data at-rest, in-flight and when it is transmitted to the cloud without any impact on performance.

Cyber resilience

Immutable copies of production volumes combined with IBM zSystems analytic and recovery tools to protect data against adverse cyber incidents.

Hybrid cloud integration

Enable your hybrid cloud repositories as additional storage tiers for archiving, data protection and disaster recovery, without requiring additional servers or gateways.

Benefits for IBM Power systems Perfect integration

Native format support of 520-byte block size for IBM i for superior performance and storage capacity utilization.


Automated QoS management and Easy Tier to meet performance objectives at the most reasonable cost.

Business continuity

Better than 99.99999 (“seven nines”) availability with HyperSwap support for IBM AIX® and IBM i.

Disaster recovery

Deep integration with Copy Services Manager (CSM) and VM Recovery Manager for High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

Cyber resilience

Logical Data Corruption protection with IBM Safeguarded Copy.

Storage efficiency

Thin provisioning and efficient reclaim of deleted space to make it available for reuse in IBM i.

Ultra-low application response times

Process huge volumes of transactions faster while unlocking greater value for mission-critical workloads with ultra-low storage latencies.

Security and Privacy

Protecting sensitive data shared in interconnected networks, IBM DS8900F introduces TLS 1.3 support, the preferred transport layer security protocol for communication between DS8900F and the external entities.

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High availability and disaster recovery

Better than seven 9's (99.999996%) of availability with HyperSwap technology, which provides no-data-loss capabilities within metropolitan distances. IBM Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex enables faster recovery times for IBM Z, with superior RPO and RTO over long distances.

Cyber resilience with IBM Safeguarded Copy

Prevent your data from being modified or deleted due to user errors, malicious destruction, malware or ransomware attacks with hundreds of immutable copies per volume, which can be used as a trusted source for surgical or full recovery of a production environment.

Safeguard against cyberthreats

Transparent Cloud Tiering

Enable your hybrid cloud as a new storage tier for backup, archive and disaster recovery operations on IBM Z systems environments, with no impact on IO performance and without the need of additional servers or gateways. Transparent Cloud Tiering protects your data with AES-256 encryption and provides significant savings in mainframe CPU utilization when migrating large datasets.

Reliable storage for Mission-critical containers

IBM Storage DS8900F provides persistent storage for mission-critical containers with support for Container Storage Interface (CSI). IBM Storage DS8900F also supports IBM Cloud Pak® solutions to enhance and extend the functionality of Red Hat® OpenShift®. These solutions provide an open, faster and more secure way to move core business applications to the cloud and container-based deployments.

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Fibre Channel Endpoint Security

Ensure all data flowing on FICON and Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) links from IBM Z systems to DS8900F are encrypted and protected. IBM Fibre Channel Endpoint Security provides in-flight protection for all data, independent of the operating system, file system or access method in use.

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IBM Copy Services Manager

Simplify and automate the management of your replication solutions while providing disaster recovery and high availability under a single point of control. IBM Copy Services Manager supports FlashCopy®, Safeguarded Copy and advanced disaster recovery functions with failover/failback operations across 2, 3 and 4 remote sites.

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Automated data placement

Automate data placement to meet performance objectives at the most reasonable cost. IBM Easy Tier intelligently identifies and moves less-frequently accessed data to high-capacity flash drives. Similarly, frequently accessed data is migrated to high-performance flash drives to ensure the lowest response times for those applications that need it.

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AI-driven management and proactive support

IBM Storage Insights can help you better understand trends in storage capacity and performance and expedite resolution when support is required. Using AI-based analytics, it helps identify potential issues before they become problems. When support is needed, Storage Insights helps speed resolution by simplifying tickets and automating log uploads.

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As cloud becomes pervasive, and mission-critical mainframe applications remain popular, these two technologies will need to inter-operate more often. Today’s announcement of a new mainframe-focused, hybrid cloud-enabled DS8900F product line shows that IBM endorses these trends and is providing market-leading solutions. Ray Lucchesi President/Founder Silverton Consulting
Compare models

DS8980F model 998

Best performance for organizations that want to expand their workload possibilities to AI, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning.

DS8950F model 996

For large organizations looking to consolidate all their mission-critical workloads for IBM Z, IBM LinuxONE and IBM Power systems.

DS8910F model 994

For midrange organizations looking to meet storage challenges with advanced functionality delivered in a prepackaged single rack solution.

    DS8910F model 993

    Flexible rackless solution to be integrated into IBM z15 T02, IBM LinuxONE III LT2, or customer provided 19-inch industry standard racks.

    Maximum physical capacity

    5,898 TB

    5,898 TB

    2.949 TB

     1,474 TB

    Minimum response time

    80 µs

    80 µs

    80 µs

    80 µs

    Minimum response time with zHyperLink

    18 µs

    18 µs

    18 µs

    18 µs

    Cores per system





    System cache

    4.3 TB

    3.4 TB

    512 GB

    512 GB

    Host ports





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    Encrypt in-flight storage data

    Ensure all data glowing on FICON® and Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) links is encrypted and protected in-flight.

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