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Automated delivery certificates

An automated delivery certificate uniquely identifies you to IBM's Automated Service Delivery server, so that you can use SMP/E's RECEIVE ORDER command to request PTFs and HOLDDATA, and automatically download the resulting packages.

Shopz provides two certificate types for your choice:

  • SHA-256 Hash with 1024-bit RSA key
    This is the default certificate.
  • SHA-256 Hash with 2048-bit RSA key
    This is a stronger certificate. Before selecting this certificate, be sure you can add a certificate with a 2048-bit RSA key to your security manager database. For example, to add a certificate with a 2048-bit RSA key to a z/OS Security Server RACF database requires the CP Assist for Cryptographic Function (CPACF) DES/TDES Enablement feature 3863 for your server.

After downloading your certificate from Shopz, you need to upload it to your z/OS system and add the certificate to your security product database, so SMP/E can use it during communications with IBM's Automated Service Delivery server.

Uploading a certificate to z/OS
There are many ways to upload files from your workstation to your z/OS system. For example, you can use Personal Communications 3270 or using TCP/IP FTP. The important thing to remember is that a certificate must be transferred as binary data and stored on z/OS as a sequential data set.

Adding a certificate to a z/OS security product database
See the z/OS SMP/E User's Guide for details.

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