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My orders

The My orders page is where you come to create new software orders and track your previous ones. It is split into four tabbed sections:

Create new order

The Create new order section is where you'll create new software orders. To create a new software order, you simply need to specify a few details:

  • Select which customer number to order the software under. The customer number you select is used throughout the ordering process to identify the hardware systems that are managed under that customer number and what software licenses already exist on those systems.
  • Select which package category you want to order. The categories vary for each operating environment, and each category has one or more package types to choose from. The possible categories are:
    • KVM for IBM z - Standalone products and fixes
    • Linux on z - Standalone products and fixes
    • z/OS - Service
      • Individual PTFs
      • Critical (HIPER/PE) service
      • Recommended (RSU) service
      • All service
      • Service certificate
    • z/OS - Products
      • ServerPac (system, subsystem, or products)
      • CBPDO (products)
    • z/OS - Open Source SW on z/OS
    • z/OS - Driving Systems
    • z/TPF - Standalone products and fixes
    • z/VM - Service
      • Individual PTFs
      • PSP critical service
      • RSU Recommended Service Upgrade
      • ESO service
    • z/VM - Products
      • VM SDO version 7
      • Standalone products and fixes
    • z/VSE - Service
      • Individual PTFs
      • PSP critical service
    • z/VSE - Products
      • VSE SIPO version 6

Once you've created an order, you cannot change these details.

While you are working on a software order, it's a good idea to save your work periodically, using the Save button that you'll find at the bottom of each step of the ordering process.

Draft orders

When you save a software order before you've finished working on it and submitted it for processing, it is listed in the Draft orders section. You can return to a draft order by clicking on its name. If you do not plan to submit the order, you can delete it.


When you submit a software order, it is listed in the Processing section, where it remains until all processing for the order has been completed, including downloading the order, in the case of Internet delivered orders. The order is assigned a Shopz order number which is displayed for you here, in case you need assistance with the order. If you would like to review the contents of an order, you can open the order by clicking on its name. Orders cannot be canceled through Shopz while they are being processed. To cancel an order that is still being processed, contact Shopz support using the contact information on the Customer service page. Once IBM processing for an order is complete, you can delete the order whenever you choose.

As your order moves through the IBM fulfillment process, you can track its progress here and, if you selected Internet delivery, you can download it right from here as soon as it is ready.


For Internet delivery orders, after all materials included with the order have been downloaded, it is moved to the Completed section, where you can go back whenever you like to review it. You can delete these orders when you no longer need to retain a record of them.

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