If you try to test everything, you’ll waste time, budget and resources.  Using a communication and collaboration platform with historical data can help you centralize, manage  and prioritize high-risk networks, applications, devices and other assets to optimize your security testing program. A portal enables everyone involved in remediation to view test findings immediately after vulnerabilities are uncovered, and schedule security tests at their convenience.

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Focused testing capabilities

Under a managed program, X-Force® Red can help prioritize which applications, networks, devices and other assets need testing.

Advanced tools and techniques

Attacker-minded security testing. X-Force Red uses the same tools, techniques, practices and mindset as criminals.

Easy to manage

Simple scoping and a predictable monthly fixed rate for testing services.

Penetration testing pillars

Application testing

Developer testing phone application

Application testing

Test your mobile, web, IoT and back-end applications. X-Force Red can provide manual penetration testing, secure code review, binary analysis and vulnerability assessments of any platforms.

Network testing

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Network testing

Prevent opportunistic attacks with X-Force Red manual network penetration testing. Our hackers identify vulnerabilities that may lead to opportunistic attacks and testing uncovers vulnerabilities that scanners cannot, such as logic flaws, back doors and misconfigurations.

Hardware testing

Person testing ATM hardware

Hardware testing

Test engineering and security from a hacker’s point of view. X-Force Red can reverse-engineer your devices to find vulnerabilities during development, assess source code and data in and out of systems, and identify vulnerabilities in product implementation and external libraries.

Social engineering

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Social engineering

Humans can be the weakest link in your security. Determining the risks of human behavior is a key aspect of social engineering. X-Force Red engagements can include ruses attackers may use to trick your employees into divulging sensitive information.

Specialty penetration testing services

IoT device testing

Use our hackers to test your Internet of Things (IoT) medical, industrial and operational devices solutions inside our global X-Force Red Labs or at a location of your choice during design, in production facilities, and along your entire supply chain.

Cloud testing

Uncover and fix critical vulnerabilities in cloud-based industrial control systems (ICS) technology, containers, images and more in a wide range of hybrid cloud environments.

ATM security testing

With more than 3 million automated teller machines (ATMs) globally accessible to consumers, it’s no wonder criminals are always on the lookout for potential ATM vulnerabilities to exploit for profit.

Automotive testing

Between integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and critical safety systems, today’s smart vehicles are more connected than ever, relying on sensors to run those systems and elevating the risk of compromise.

Industrial Control Systems testing

Identify, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities in industrial control systems (ICS) technology, used in critical infrastructure organizations with highly complex environments.

Blockchain testing

Build and use blockchain technology and the connected infrastructure securely.  We can help review chain code,  security controls and processes and identify probable adversarial paths to compromise.

Global testing labs

Test your devices before and after they go to market. Expert penetration testers in our global labs can, tear down, reverse engineer, modify, compromise, exploit and test every aspect of your hardware to help remediate vulnerabilities throughout the development lifecycle.

X-Force Red Labs

X-Force Red Labs (2:04)


Warshipping cyber attacks

Computer boards and cables in box
Warshipping Cybersecurity Threat from X-Force Red

Warshipping Cybersecurity Threat from X-Force Red

X-Force Red investigated how cyber criminals exploit package deliveries to hack into corporate or personal home networks right from the front door.

The X-Force Red Portal

Screenshot showing testing dashboard
The X-Force Red Portal: Penetration Testing

The X-Force Red Portal: Penetration Testing

Get an inside look at how the X-Force Red Portal can help you manage your penetration testing program and find reports and recommendations quickly and easily.

Ad hoc or managed penetration testing

Learn more about which is best for you: testing on an as-needed basis or continuous testing by an outside team.

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