IBM X-Force Red Penetration Testing Services
Penetration testing for your AI models, applications, networks, hardware and personnel to uncover and fix vulnerabilities that expose your most important assets to attacks
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Identify and fix critical vulnerabilities across your enterprise

With expert human testers, we examine your organization's applications, networks, AI models, and hardware to understand and proactively address potential threats.

Protect critical assets using an attacker’s mindset

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Capabilities Testing services for AI

Uncover and address security vulnerabilities across Foundation Models and Large Language Models (FM/LLMs), MLSecOps Pipelines, AI Platforms, and Generative AI (GenAI) applications.

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Application testing

Test your mobile, web, IoT and backend applications. X-Force Red can provide manual penetration testing, secure code review, binary analysis and vulnerability assessments of any platforms.

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Network testing

Prevent opportunistic attacks with X-Force Red manual network penetration testing. Our hackers identify vulnerabilities that may lead to opportunistic attacks and testing uncovers vulnerabilities that scanners cannot, such as logic flaws, back doors and misconfigurations.

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Hardware testing

Test engineering and security from a hacker’s point of view. X-Force Red can reverse-engineer your devices to find vulnerabilities during development, assess source code and data in and out of systems, and identify vulnerabilities in product implementation and external libraries.

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Social engineering

Humans can be the weakest link in your security. Determining the risks of human behavior is a key aspect of social engineering. X-Force Red engagements can include ruses attackers may use to trick your employees into divulging sensitive information.

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Specialty service: Cloud testing

We provide cloud configuration and infrastructure review to find critical misconfigurations that can lead to privilege escalation or unauthorized access to sensitive data. X-Force Red hackers can uncover potential attack paths and insecure DevOps practices such as sharing secrets (privileged credentials, API/SSH keys and more). They also find and fix exploitable flaws inside containers and the connected environment.

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X-Force Red Labs
Test your devices before and after they go to market.  Expert penetration testers in our global labs can tear down, reverse engineer, modify, compromise, exploit and test every aspect of your hardware to help remediate vulnerabilities throughout the development lifecycle.
Models for flexibility Three programs to meet your needs
Group 13
Ad-hoc testing

Smaller project with explicit scope, using X-Force Red hackers, and you own the testing program.

Group 5
Subscription program

Fixed monthly costs. No charges for overtime or test changes. Unused funds carry over.

Group 17
Managed service

Predictable monthly budgets. We handle scope, schedules, testing and reporting.

Industry use cases for penetration testing

Automotive industry X-Force Red hackers manually test the entire vehicle system, including hardware, supplier components, integration, connected services, autonomous sensor controls and fusion subsystems. They work side-by-side with your engineers to uncover vulnerabilities that impact the safety of vehicles and reliability of the connected network.

ATM security X-Force Red tests all components of an ATM’s software and hardware, including applications, connected networks, casings, locks, tamper systems and more. X-Force Red then works with you on a remediation plan so your customers' sensitive financial data can remain protected. You can also find out if your ATM and connected infrastructure are compliant with industry mandates such as the PCI DSS.

Industrial control systems In industrial control systems (ICS), multiple systems and technologies from different entities integrate to monitor and control critical processes. X-Force Red can manage the entire remediation process, helping you understand which vulnerabilities matter most and, in cases where patching is too risky, recommend countermeasures to reduce risk. We can also help you minimize disruptions with active and passive, manual and tool-based testing. Read the blog post


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