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Simulating attacks to test, measure and improve risk detection and incident response
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Put your incident response programs to the test

Even organizations that have strong security controls and processes in place may not be able to detect and contain a breach quickly. 

If organizations’ incident response teams,  also known as “blue teams,” don’t practice their detection and response capabilities, the likelihood of effectively executing them in a real breach scenario is greatly reduced.

Explore this ebook to learn how adversary simulation services can help test, measure, and improve detection and response capabilities.


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Test your tools

Discover gaps in your detection and response tools by simulating attacks designed to evade them. Tune your tools to improve their detection capabilities. Simulated attacks are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

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Test your teams

Red teaming and purple teaming exercises can help measure how well your incident response blue teams can detect and respond to an attack. While red teaming incorporates stealth, purple teaming is collaborative. Your blue team works with our red team to build attack scenarios.

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Test your programs

Concerned about ransomware or other headliner threats? Threat intel testing can measure the effectiveness of your incident response programs against high-profile attacks by simulating methodologies being used by attackers.

Capabilities Red teaming

Using advanced threat emulation, X-Force® Red evaluates your security operation blue team’s detection and response capabilities. We use stealth and evasion techniques to compromise your organization and achieve predetermined objectives. After the exercise, our red team meets with your blue team and provides a narrative of the processes used, along with recommendations to close gaps.

Purple teaming

Like red teaming, our team creates and executes attack scenarios mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework and your business objectives. Unlike red teaming, purple teaming is more collaborative. Our red team plans scenarios with your blue team before execution. At the end of the engagement, we sit down to compare findings and provide remediation recommendations.

Control tuning

Like red and purple teaming, our team creates attack scenarios, although the objective is to only measure the effectiveness of your detection tools. By working from an attacker’s perspective, we can help improve detection accuracy and coverage in your security stack.

Threat intelligence testing 

X-Force Red can simulate a specific type of attack based on threat intelligence gathered from external and internal sources. Simulated attacks can include ransomware and other high-profile malware attacks.

Dig into the New Threats of 2024 with X-Force
Armed with the insights of our Threat Intelligence Index 2024 Report, our team can help you secure your business against cyber threats. We are offering briefings with our expert team of intelligence analysts to give you customized insights about your organization. Schedule a no-cost briefing with an expert Read the report
Meet our experts Chris Thompson

Chris is the Global Lead of Adversary Services at IBM X-Force. He drives vision and strategic initiatives to ensure the team can simulate the most sophisticated threat actors on the planet, while driving new capability development and offensive research leveraging automation and AI.

Patrick Fussell

As the Operations Lead, Patrick is responsible for the delivery of all X-Force Adversary Services engagements, bringing solid leadership experience to our team of senior operators, researchers, and offensive engineers.

Brett Hawkins

As Offensive Tradecraft Lead, Brett is responsible for ensuring the X-Force Adversary Services team can operate efficiently and effectively to a variety of sophistication levels and helps prioritize CNO tool development and research priorities.

Ruben Boonen

Ruben is responsible for low-level research and advanced CNE tool development for the X-Force Adversary Services team, driving key strategic initiatives and research.

Sanjiv Kawa

As a manager for X-Force Adversary Services, Sanjiv helps to ensure the team is operating to an opsec safe and efficient manner while pursuing advanced objectives. Sanjiv helps to drive offering strategy and delivery of managed red team services.

Shawn Jones

As Offensive Engineering Lead of X-Force Adversary Services, Shawn is responsible for guiding offensive engineering efforts by our large team of developers, driving forward our offensive tooling roadmap.


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