Identify and fix IoT vulnerabilities during design and beyond

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents an exciting environment for innovation and opportunity – almost any device that uses electricity now comes in a cloud-connected version. However, many IoT devices and backend systems are not designed with security in mind. For example, a fleet of Internet-connected appliances may connect back to one manufacturer’s server. If the server were compromised, an attacker could control all of the connected devices. Or, if a device were compromised, an attacker could access the manufacturer’s server. 

Many IoT manufacturers build their devices so that they can connect to them at any time. If attackers mimic the manufacturer, they could compromise the device, and the user’s home network.

Commercial IoT products are particularly vulnerable because just one compromise could have detrimental consequences. For example, if attackers compromised an HVAC system, they could overheat a data center, or use that system to access valuable customer data.

X-Force® Red can test your IoT devices, backend infrastructure and mobile applications to uncover and help fix vulnerabilities that elevate risk the most.

IBM X-Force Red Shield

Smart city sensors capture environmental data for convenience and emergency purposes

What would happen if those sensors were tricked?

X-Force Red IoT testing provides

Device, backend and mobile application testing

Device, backend and mobile application testing

X-Force Red can test your IoT device and anything connected to it before and after products go to market.

Integration testing

Integration testing

X-Force Red assesses how devices and connected infrastructure are integrated, providing more complete testing than assessing devices in isolation.

Reverse engineering of devices

Reverse engineering of devices

Inside our global Red Labs, X-Force Red testers pull apart devices to uncover and help fix vulnerabilities before and after they go to market.

X-Force Red IoT testing helps

Discover issues early in the IoT lifecycle

Secure by design

Build in security before products go to market.

Prevent the need for re-architecting entire projects

Strengthen security post design

Identify and fix critical vulnerabilities once products are on the market.

Reduce risk of liability

Reduce risk of liability

Fix vulnerabilities that could create detrimental consequences for manufacturers and users.


Weaponization of IoT devices

Learn how cybercriminals are populating botnets with easily exploitable IoT devices like security cameras, webcams and DVRs.

Test your IoT devices in our Red Labs

Inside our global, secure testing labs, X-Force Red can reverse engineer devices with or without the design schematics.


Identify and fix IoT security flaws before attackers find them

Lack of budget and time lead to the IoT devices having vulnerabilities.