IDPS Security for your critical networks

In a complex IT environment, examining network traffic flows for vulnerabilities becomes more challenging — but even more critical. To maintain robust, real-time security monitoring and analysis, you need to manage the intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) in real time. Traditional solutions can be costly, and often limited to certain IDPS implementations. A simplified, flat-pricing model with a vendor-neutral approach can help you improve your security posture.


Maintain 24x7 threat monitoring and management

Around-the-clock threat monitoring and advanced policy management capabilities from IBM Security professionals with expertise to help you identify security threats in real time.

Update multiple devices at the same time

Remove per-device restrictions when making device configuration changes. Allow change requests to be pooled across multiple devices, reducing the time it takes to perform necessary updates.

Support a range of IDPS vendor solutions

Using one of the leading vendors of IDPS, such as Cisco, McAfee, Sourcefire and Juniper? Our services are vendor-neutral and can support your existing solution. 

Tap into X-Force threat analysis

To help you more proactively protect your networks, we include the leading security intelligence service, IBM Security X-Force® threat analysis.

Network threat detection and management services

Threat management services

Through global X-Force expertise, we provide 360 degrees of threat management, powered by leading technologies, AI and orchestration.

Penetration testing for threat prevention

Uncover and fix vulnerabilities exposing your most important assets using an attacker-minded security testing program that combines tool-based and manual testing, using the same practices and mindsets as criminals.

Managed security services

Focus on strategic security priorities as your managed provider handles day-to-day intrusion detection and prevention, threat management, data protection and ongoing compliance requirements.

Virtual security operations center

Use a secure, web-based tool to monitor your systems’ security around-the-clock. The single-view portal combines X-Force security research with service-level data from deployed devices across your network to help manage vulnerabilities.

Managed detection and response

Fueled by threat intelligence, proactive threat hunting and proprietary techniques, this turnkey offering delivers 24x7 intrusion detection prevention capabilities, to help you quickly find and remediate advanced threats.

Integrated security platform for intrusion detection and prevention

Gain insights into threats and risks in hybrid, multicloud environments. With an open security platform, it connects to your existing data sources to generate deeper insights and enable you to act faster with automation.


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