Which vulnerabilities help an attacker succeed?

Industrial control systems (ICS) technology – such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) or distributed control systems (DCS) – is used in critical infrastructure organizations with highly complex environments.

Because multiple systems and technologies from different entities integrate with each other to monitor and control critical physical processes, it can be challenging to find vulnerabilities or know how to remediate them — especially for IT staff managing security.

X-Force® Red’s proprietary industrial control systems testing methodology helps identify, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities.  Our seasoned ICS security specialists and engineers create and test various attack scenarios— such as a ransomware attack on a smart grid, or a vulnerability in gas distribution systems that could shut down residents’ meters.

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X-Force Red ICS testing provides

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Attack scenario development

With an “attacker mindset,” X-Force Red designs potential attack scenarios based on your specific environment.

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Active and passive testing

Using a combination of manual and tool-based testing, X-Force Red tests your ICS technologies, systems and processes within the framework of the potential attack scenarios.

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Prioritization and remediation management

X-Force Red prioritizes vulnerabilities and facilitates the remediation process along the attack scenario chain.

Why X-Force Red?

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The X-Force Red team of hackers, testing engineers and security advisors has specific experience testing attack scenarios for ICS organizations worldwide and understands environmental constraints.

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Attack scenario approach

X-Force Red hackers think like criminals. They develop the same attack chains criminals may create, using the same tools, techniques and practices.

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Attack chain database

X-Force Red can input test findings into a database that uses a proprietary algorithm to identify which vulnerabilities would enable attackers to move through the attack chain.

X-Force Red ICS testing helps

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Disrupt the attack chain

X-Force Red ICS testing uncovers vulnerabilities along the attack chain before criminals can exploit them.

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Strengthen security with minimal disruption

Whether the attack scenario requires passive testing, which does not require system disruption, or active testing, which may require system takedown, our goal is to minimize disruption.

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Optimize remediation

X-Force Red defines which vulnerabilities to fix first based on those that disrupt the most attack patterns.

OT security becomes a top priority

SCADA and ICS are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks
as they become more connected.