Which security vulnerabilities increase the risk of a compromise in your industrial control systems (ICS)? Because multiple systems and technologies from different entities — such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) or distributed control systems (DCS) used in highly complex environments — integrate to monitor and control critical processes, it can be challenging to understand which vulnerabilities matter most and how to remediate them.

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Disrupt the attack chain

Using the “attacker mindset,” X-Force® Red ICS testing uncovers vulnerabilities along the attack chain before criminals can exploit them.

Strengthen security with minimal disruption

Minimize disruptions with passive testing engagements.

Optimize remediation

X-Force Red can manage the entire remediation process and, in cases where patching is too risky, can recommend countermeasures to reduce risk.

What X-Force Red ICS testing provides

Attack scenario development

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Attack scenario development

X-Force Red designs potential attack scenarios such as eavesdropping on traffic, impersonating users, and both passive and active identity caching.

Active and passive testing

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Active and passive testing

Using both manual and tool-based testing, X-Force Red can test ICS technologies and systems without risking bringing them down.

Prioritization and remediation management

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Prioritization and remediation management

X-Force Red can prioritize the most important vulnerabilities and manage the remediation process from tracking to close.

Why X-Force Red?


The X-Force Red team, hackers who are also engineers and developers, understands the inner workings of the ICS infrastructure and how to test the most fragile systems.

Attacker mindset

X-Force Red hackers think like criminals. They develop the same attack chains criminals may create, using the same tools, techniques and practices.

Flexible subscription model

X-Force Red offers a subscription-based testing program which includes a monthly fixed rate and the ability to change your scope without re-signing contracts.


OT security becomes a top priority

SCADA and ICS are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks as they become more connected.

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