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Proactive threat hunting, continuous monitoring and a deep investigation of threats are just a few of the tough choices facing an already busy IT department. Having a trusted incident response (IR) partner on standby can reduce your response time, minimize the impact of a breach, and help you recover faster.


Develop your incident response strategy

With deep forensics analysis, your containment and remediation plans can be quickly implemented when notification of a validated critical incident of breach occurs.

Test your cyber readiness

Minimize disruptions to your operations with tested response plans that provide long-term, preemptive solutions to help boost your defense.

Combine incident response expertise with threat intelligence

Threat intelligence sources combined with incident response provide the edge you need to stay ahead of attacks and better understand the risks.

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Incident response retainer services

Cyber crisis management

Improve your organization’s cyber resiliency to better respond to crisis-level cyberattacks. IBM Security™ X-Force® Cyber Crisis Management Services provide industry experts who consult with clients as a trusted partner to build and practice a cyber crisis management plan across the entire organization and guide them during an actual cyberattack.

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Incident response and threat intelligence services

Proactively manage and respond to security threats with the expertise, skills and people of IBM Security X-Force.

Managed detection and response

Intelligence-based defense to detect network and endpoint attacks in real time and disrupt before they can penetrate enterprise resources.

Threat intelligence services

Simplify intelligence management with an automated cyber threat intelligence platform designed by security experts.

Threat management services

Fight cybercrime with an integrated approach and expertise powered by AI and orchestration.

Incident response training

Security command centers

Cyber range experiences using hands-on simulations and realistic breach scenarios help you build mature responses.

Mobile cyber range training

Train your cyber first responder team to handle a security incident with confidence and speed in this fully operational cyber range, housed in a unique tractor trailer.


Cost of Data Breach Report

Explore financial impacts and security measures that can help you mitigate costs.

X-Force Threat Intelligence Index Report

Understand your cyber risks with a global view of the threat landscape.

Threat Intelligence Research Hub

The latest threat intelligence, research and reports for a preemptive approach to cybersecurity.

3 Cybersecurity Strategy Essentials

Comprehensive security programs can cut overall response time and prevent extensive damage, costs and reputational impact.

Break a breach

Tackle a mock situation and break the breach in our interactive security operations center.

IBM Security X-Force Insider Threat Report

Learn the role access level plays in insider attacks and best practices for mitigating insider threats.

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Intelligent security analytics

Gain actionable insights, quickly identify the top threats, and respond to potential threats.

Hybrid, multicloud security

Gain insights into threats and risks and respond faster with automation across hybrid, multicloud environments.

Security orchestration, automation and response

Accelerate cyber resilience, protect against security incidents and speed incident response.