Update on SolarWinds widespread supply chain compromise

Learn more about the unfolding situation and access resources compiled by the IBM X-Force® Threat Intelligence team.

Access a team of experts to help accelerate your incident response strategy

Get the security protection your organization needs to improve breach readiness with an incident response (IR) retainer subscription from IBM Security. When you engage with our elite team of IR consultants, you have trusted partners on standby before a cybersecurity incident is suspected to help reduce the time it takes to respond to an incident, minimize its impact and help you recover faster.

Our team of IR experts proactively hunt and respond to threats and apply the latest threat intelligence to help you in each stage of a breach. Continuous monitoring and deeper investigation of threats begin remotely, and actionable response plans are provided for long- term, preemptive solutions.

IBM Security X-Force Incident Response Retainer services help

a security operation desk of a incident response service

Develop your incident response strategy

Deep forensics analysis, containment and remediation plans quickly implemented when validated critical incident of breach occurs.

a digital world map of a cyber incident response

Test your cyber readiness

Minimize disruptions with tested response plans and IBM remote and onsite expertise to help boost your defense.

Combine expertise with threat intelligence

Threat intelligence sources combined with incident response give our security experts the edge they need to stay ahead of attacks and better understand the risks.

X-Force Incident Response Retainer

  • Global incident response phone access, around the clock
  • Remote and boots-on-the-ground emergency cyber incident support options
  • Three tiers of retainer subscription services available to meet your needs
  • Flexible menu of IR and threat intelligence proactive services: IR program assessment, IR playbooks, immersive tabletop exercises, threat hunting, strategic threat assessment and more

SOAR platform

Minimize the duration and impact of a cyber attack with an open platform that orchestrates and automates your organization’s response. Dynamic, adaptive playbooks guide your team to resolve incidents with agility and intelligence.