Understand which applications and flaws to focus on first

With the proliferation of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, mobile applications, cloud adoption, microservices and web applications, the number of applications you need to test can easily run into the hundreds. Add in the ever-increasing use of technologies and services — from web application scanners to SAST and DAST, to penetration testing, to application penetration testing — and the abundance of vulnerability data they produce, it’s hard to know which dataset to focus on first.

When X-Force® Red hackers look for application vulnerabilities, they often find logic flaws, no input sanitization, and SQL injection flaws. If just one of those vulnerabilities is exploited, an attacker can compromise the application and pivot to the rest of the connected infrastructure. X-Force Red application testing services help you find and prioritize the highest-risk flaws to remediate first.

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X-Force Red application testing services provide

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Prioritization of testing

An X-Force Red managed application testing program uses a risk-based approach to help you understand which applications should be tested first and what type of testing is needed.

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Manual testing

X-Force Red builds and executes attack scenarios to find vulnerabilities that may be missed by scanners, such as logic flaws, authentication and authorization flaws and more.

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Reporting and retesting

X-Force Red engagements provide a customized report of findings, methodologies used, and remediation recommendations. You can have one retest at no additional cost.

Why X-Force Red is unique

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Works with client to determine which applications should be prioritized for testing so that resources and budget are only spent on those specific applications.

X-Force Red Portal

Schedule tests, interact with X-Force Red testers and view findings as they are uncovered with a few clicks in the X-Force Red Portal

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X-Force Red hackers have decades of experience testing and developing applications. They understand flaws that typically arise during development.

X-Force Red application testing helps

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Reduce risk and remain in compliance

Can prioritize the highest risk applications for testing and flaws that need fixing to maintain compliance with regulatory standards and most importantly, achieve better security.

Uncover vulnerabilities scanners cannot find

Identifies vulnerabilities such as logic, and authorization and authentication flaws, which can only be found by manual testing.

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Reduce the window from identification to remediation

Reports and prioritizes findings in real-time so that remediation on the highest-risk flaws can begin immediately.


Protect critical assets using an attacker’s mindset

X-Force Red application testing services are part of the team’s penetration testing portfolio.

Calling into question the Common Vulnerability Scoring System

Learn more about how X-Force Red prioritizes vulnerabilities.

X-Force Red IoT testing

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