The number of applications you need to test can easily run into the hundreds. Add in web application scanners, SAST and DAST, penetration testing — and the abundance of vulnerability data they produce — and it’s hard to know where to focus your application testing and remediation resources.

Often, there are logic flaws, no input sanitization, and SQL injection flaws. If just one vulnerability is exploited, an attacker can compromise the application and pivot to the rest of the connected infrastructure.

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Embed security into your application development lifecycle

To reduce your risk of a compromise and gain the trust of your customers, X-Force® Red can test your applications before and after they go to market.

Uncover vulnerabilities scanners cannot find

Ensure application security by uncovering vulnerabilities such as business logic, and authorization and authentication flaws, which can only be found by manual testing.

Strengthen your in-house resources

Do you have an in-house testing team? X-Force Red can augment your team and test any application overage so that your resources can focus on other priorities.

X-Force Red application testing capabilities

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Hardware testing

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Hardware testing

Our team can use black-box testing to reverse-engineer devices or white-box testing to assess source code and data flowing in and out of systems.

Network testing

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Network testing

Our hackers find network vulnerabilities, and testing uncovers issues scanners miss, such as logic flaws, back doors and misconfigurations.

IoT, IoMT and OT testing

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IoT, IoMT and OT testing

Critical testing for cloud-connected devices and back-end systems, which are vulnerable to attacks and cause disaster when taken offline.

Cloud testing

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Cloud testing

From containers to images, operating systems, applications, developers and more, we can find security flaws during cloud migrations and beyond.

The X-Force Red portal

Centrally manage your testing program and budget. Simplify the way you digest your penetration testing data with prioritized findings and remediation recommendations. Schedule tests based on your preferred timeframe and access current and past report findings, evidence and remediation recommendations in one place.

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Models for flexibility

Three programs to meet your needs

Ad-hoc testing

Smaller project with explicit scope, using X-Force Red hackers, and you own the testing program.

Subscription program

Fixed monthly costs. No charges for overtime or test changes. Unused funds carry over.

Managed service

Predictable monthly budgets. We handle scope, schedules, testing and reporting.


Open the door to application security services

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What is software application testing?

Software testing  evaluates, verifies, prevents bugs, reduces development costs and improves performance.

Meet the X-Force Red Team

Get the benefits of having a team of security testing experts, but without the year-round staff costs.

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