The value of data has skyrocketed — and with it, threats to data security. Because a mainframe environment has thousands of users simultaneously executing a wide range of applications, it requires a multi-layered approach to security, including user identification and authentication, access control and other advanced security measures.

Benefits of mainframe security

Reduced business risk

Reduced business risk pictogram

By enforcing security policy and using best practices, your organization can reduce risks to your business operations.

Closed loop protection

Closed loop protection pictogram

A secure mainframe solution provides closed loop, automated security intelligence and threat remediation.

Streamlined governance

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Simplify provisioning, governance and authorization of users, groups and resources with mainframe security.

Protected data

Protected data

Comprehensive encryption and access control help guard your organization’s essential data.

Secure mainframe solutions

Security, privacy and resiliency for hybrid cloud

Remain vigilant with mainframe solutions that improve security efficiency, reduce costs and manage risk in hybrid cloud environments.

Data encryption and privacy

Encrypt your eligible data, grant and revoke access to it and maintain control, even as it moves off the enterprise system of record.

Encryption solutions

Protect data at rest  and in flight, centralize key management and encrypt data efficiently at scale.

Mainframe security software

Deliver mainframe security, efficiency and compliance

Automate security administrative tasks to help increase efficiency, reduce errors and improve auditing and compliance.

Protect mainframe data

Guard vital system resources and control what users can do on the operating system.

Strengthen mainframe user authentication

Prevent hacking, strengthen user controls, and ease administration with tight resource access control facility (RACF) integration.

Advanced data encrypting and decrypting

Protect sensitive data in Db2® for IBM z/OS® and IMS systems from misuse and support compliance with advanced data encrypting and decrypting for data security, privacy and low overhead.

Speed adoption of encryption capabilities

With the IBM Z® Forward Acceleration Initiative, eligible purchases of IBM z15™ can now earn rewards toward onsite or remote services, and expedite your adoption of new encryption and data privacy technologies.

See how the proven expertise of IBM Systems Lab Services consultants can help you make the most of your investment.


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