Mainframe security solutions

Strengthen mainframe security with multiple layers

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The value of data has skyrocketed — and with it, threats to data security. Because a mainframe environment has thousands of users simultaneously executing a wide range of applications, it requires a multi-layered approach to security, including user identification and authentication, access control and other advanced security measures. 

Benefits of mainframe security

Reduced business risk

By enforcing security policy and using best practices, your organization can reduce risks to your business operations.

Closed loop protection

A secure mainframe solution provides closed loop, automated security intelligence and threat remediation.

Streamlined governance

Simplify provisioning, governance and authorization of users, groups and resources with mainframe security.

Protected data

Comprehensive encryption and access control help guard your organization’s essential data.

Speed adoption of encryption capabilities
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Mainframe security software Streamline compliance

Save time and reduce the complexity of audits with automated fact collection on IBM z16.

Explore IBM Z Security and Compliance Center
Expose threats

Quickly expose threats, identify vulnerabilities and simplify compliance.

Explore IBM® zSecure
Protect mainframe data

Guard vital system resources and control what users can do on the operating system.

Explore IBM Resource Access Control Facility
Strengthen mainframe user authentication

Prevent hacking, strengthen user controls, and ease administration with tight resource access control facility (RACF) integration.

Explore IBM Z Multi-Factor Authentication
Encrypt data in files and databases

Protect sensitive data from misuse and support compliance with transparent encryption and automated key management.

Explore IBM Security® Guardium Data Encryption

Case studies

Mainframe security case studies Atruvia AG

Atruvia AG needed to cope with emerging cybersecurity threats and increased regulations. The IT service provider to hundreds of German banks adopted a pervasive encryption strategy using IBM z/OS data set encryption and IBM Z multifactor authentication to ramp up data protection for millions of customers.

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Servicing banks across South Africa whose clients are only just opening a checking account, Emid needed to provide financial services these new customers could trust. The answer was a turnkey cloud-based system using IBM Z to secure its IT infrastructure. 

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Banco Bradesco

As the second-largest bank in Brazil, Bradesco needed to provide always-on services and sophisticated banking and insurance solutions. Using IBM Z and IBM Storage, the bank delivered an innovative, reliable, and secure platform for mobile banking.

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IBM Z mainframe security

Protect your business data against cyber threats — inside your data center and throughout your hybrid cloud.

IBM zSecure suite

Improve mainframe security, administrative efficiency and compliance.