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Actionable threat intelligence can help your organization allocate resources, understand relevant threats, and bolster your security strategy. The annual IBM X-Force® Threat Intelligence Index sheds light on the biggest cyber risks that organizations face today, with data collected over the past year. Gain fresh insights on the trends shaping the threat landscape, including:

  • 8.5 billion records breached in 2019, giving attackers access to more stolen credentials. Securing credentials and access controls is more important than ever.
  • 150,000 vulnerabilities disclosed to date. Patching vulnerabilities is still a problem for many organizations and cybercriminals know that.
  • Ransomware attacks up 67% year-over-year in Q4 2019. Threat actors are innovating with new ransomware code for destructive attacks.
  • Operational technology (OT) attacks surged 2,000% year-over-year. Threat actors continue to shift their sights to attack vectors including IoT, OT and connected industrial and medical systems.
  • Retail industry attacks increased. The number two industry after financial services, retail was targeted for payment card data and valuable loyalty program data.
  • North America the biggest geographic target. Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America trailed North America in number of attacks.

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