Threat Intelligence from X-Force IRIS

As threats multiply and increase in sophistication, it is more important than ever that organizations maintain awareness of current security trends.

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence research reports can help you keep pace with an evolving threat landscape and learn how to protect your networks and data from the latest threats and attack vectors. Current reports are available for download, using the links below.



At risk: the energy and utility sector infrastructure

From network break-ins to ransomware to seizing control of control systems, attacks against energy and utility companies are on the rise.

The changing face of IT security in the government sector

Rising attack rates and massive breaches plague government organizations.

Security trends in the retail industry

Learn about the targets, attack types and attackers in this 2016 view of security trends in the retail industry.

Attack vectors

The weaponization of IoT devices

Learn how cybercriminals are populating botnets with easily exploitable Internet of Things devices like security cameras, webcams and DVRs.

Beware of older cyber attacks

For all the talk of new threats, some familiar ones, like footprinting and brute force attacks, are still in use.

The inside story of botnets

Does your computer have a secret life of crime? This research report shows how to defend against botnets.

About the IBM X-Force® Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) team 

Our skilled professionals help you proactively fortify your organizations against today's evolving global threat landscape. These experts bring decades of forward-thinking incident management, security intelligence, and remediation experience to help you when the inevitable happens. They have consulted on hundreds of the world's largest breach investigations across 17 industries in the public and private sectors.

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