MSS Threat Research Series

As threats multiply and increase in sophistication, it is more important than ever that organizations maintain awareness of current security trends.

IBM® Managed Security Services threat research reports can help you keep pace with an evolving threat landscape and learn how to protect your networks and data from the latest threats and attack vectors.

Threat reports

The IBM Managed Security Services (MSS) Threat Research Group regularly publishes in-depth reports to inform you about recent threats that could adversely affect your environment.

Current reports are available for download, using the links below. Check back often to learn about newly published reports.


At risk: the energy and utility sector infrastructure

From network break-ins to ransomware to seizing control of control systems, attacks against energy and utility companies are on the rise.

Security trends in the information and communication technology industry

Attackers set their sights on customer data in the care of these organizations.

Security trends in the manufacturing industry

Cyber espionage and disruptions to operations lead the list of security concerns for manufacturers.

Security trends in the healthcare industry

Learn why attackers are continuing to target the healthcare industry and how in this annual review of security trends.

Security trends in financial services

Financial services is traditionally a top target for cybercriminals looking to turn an attack into a payday with both money and personal information at stake. Each year it’s one of the top targeted industries and 2017 was no exception.

The changing face of IT security in the government sector

Rising attack rates and massive breaches plague government organizations.

Security trends in the retail industry

Learn about the targets, attack types and attackers in this 2016 view of security trends in the retail industry.

Security trends in the transportation industry

Disruption of transportation systems or assets can impact a country’s security, public health and safety while triggering a cascade of issues across other industries. This report examines threats facing transportation providers and reviews security best practices.

Attack vectors

What you need to know about injection attacks

Are unpatched vulnerabilities leaving you at risk? 

The weaponization of IoT devices

Learn how cybercriminals are populating botnets with easily exploitable Internet of Things devices like security cameras, webcams and DVRs.

Know your cyber enemy

Learn how you can help reduce your risk by understanding the motivations of cybercriminals and why you might be targeted.

Beware of older cyber attacks

For all the talk of new threats, some familiar ones, like footprinting and brute force attacks, are still in use.

Outdated encryption standards

Personal and financial data are at risk in transit. Learn how to update browsers and operating systems to safer encryption.

The inside story of botnets

Does your computer have a secret life of crime? This research report shows how to defend against botnets.

Extortion by distributed denial of service attack

Read how cyber criminals are using distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks to disrupt business by preventing legitimate users from accessing websites. The new twist is adding the demand for ransom.

What Surfaces from the Deep, Dark Web

Read how cyber criminals are using the anonymity of the Tor network to launch SQL injection and distributed denial of service attacks against corporate networks around the globe.

What You Need to Know About Ransomware

Read how cyber criminals are costing organizations around the world millions by locking down data and holding it for ransom.

Indicators of Compromise

Read about the digital "footprints" that attackers leave behind when they breach your systems and how you can use those artifacts to uncover advanced persistent threats.

Dangers of the Deep, Dark Web

Read about two mainstream dark webs and methods you can use to protect your organization from the criminals who use them.

The Perils of Phishing

Read how criminals use emails specifically designed to entice employees and gain entry to your network.

About the MSS Threat Research Group

The MSS Threat Research Group is comprised of experienced and skilled threat analysts in the IBM Managed Security Services organization. This elite team is dedicated to delivering industry leading cyber threat intelligence, and providing the most up-to-date research on threats, both past and present, that have the potential to negatively impact IBM customers.

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