Understand your users, data and environment

IBM® solutions can help identify and protect against internal threats through a distinctive combination of robust foundational controls, intelligent reporting and management tools. IBM Security Guardium®, IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager, and IBM Security Intelligence provide an intelligent, integrated and cognitive solution to help you control user access, monitor sensitive data, and analyze activities to protect against potential breaches.


of attacks are carried out by those who have insider access

- IBM X-Force Research: 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, April 2016.


of organizations don't monitor privileged users more closely than regular users

- Privileged Access: Manage the Potential Risk to Safeguard Your Data,” UBM Report, April 2016


of insider attacks used another person's credentials to bypass controls

- “Privileged User Abuse & the Insider Threat,” Ponemon Institute, May 2014

Know your users and know your data to safeguard against insiders

Security starts from within: secure sensitive data from insider threats

Analytics, predictive insight and agility can stop data breaches before they begin

A Zero Trust approach to data security can help guard against internal threats

Spot insider threats to data security

Privileged Identify Management: Detect and prevent insider threats