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Quantum computers empower researchers to tackle problems that once seemed unsolvable.

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Explore new technologies introduced at the IBM Quantum Summit 2022

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    An unmatched environment for advancing research

    IBM Quantum works closely with researchers at universities and laboratories worldwide to advance the field of quantum computing. To date, IBM Quantum Network members have published more than 675 papers in quantum information science – a list that grows with every passing week. Construct experiments at the circuit level with Qiskit or build, optimize, and execute them at scale with Qiskit Runtime, and run them on our fleet on 20+ high-performance quantum systems.

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    Access quantum

    There are three ways to access IBM Quantum systems and services, scaled to meet the needs of all kinds of users. Choose the plan that fits your quantum needs.

    Open Plan

    via IBM Quantum platform

    About this plan

    Run your quantum circuits for free on real quantum systems. Sign up to get an API token and take advantage of feature-rich tools.

    Best for

    • Educators
    • New learners
    • Developers with smaller workloads

    Available systems

    • 7-qubit and 5-qubit QPUs
    • Simulators

    Pay-As-You-Go Plan

    via IBM Cloud

    $1.60 USD / second

    About this plan

    Access our more advanced systems with Qiskit Runtime on an as-needed basis, paying only for the time you use.

    Best for

    • Startups
    • Researchers
    • Developers with larger workloads

    Available systems

    • 27-qubit Falcon systems
    • Simulators

    Premium Plan

    Contact us for pricing

    About this plan

    Access our most powerful systems, as well as exploratory systems, with shorter wait times and hands on service. Create and execute quantum programs at scale with Qiskit Runtime.

    Best for

    • Industry
    • Academic institutions
    • Research laboratories

    Available systems

    • 433-qubit Osprey systems (coming soon)
    • 127-qubit Eagle systems
    • 27-qubit Falcon systems
    • Exploratory systems
    • Simulators

    Join our Researcher Program

    Established researchers in the field of quantum information science can apply to gain a number of benefits designed to support advanced inquiry.

    Benefit from priority access to open systems via the fair-share queue, access to more powerful systems usually reserved for industrial clients, pulse level control, and the ability to reserve sole access to systems through the dedicated mode queue.

    Members join the IBM Quantum Network ecosystem of laboratories, universities, and industry partners. Take advantage of our in-house and Network community expertise, and become part of a flourishing quantum community.

    Applicants must have published at least one paper in the field of quantum information science.

    CERN x IBM QuantumCERN is using IBM Quantum’s cloud-enabled quantum computing to explore new ways of hunting hidden patterns in their data
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    Unparalleled performance

    Our 20+ quantum systems make up the most powerful fleet of quantum computers in the world.

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