Learn about integrating AI into IBM Db2® for z/OS to improve operational productivity

Embed AI into your critical business applications on IBM Z

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Maximizing the return on your AI investment depends on your ability to score/inference every transaction, in real-time, without impacting operational processing SLAs.

Any data science tool can help you build models. But putting AI models into production within your core high-volume business applications remains the most significant data science challenge.

IBM Watson® Machine Learning for z/OS® brings AI to your transactional applications on IBM Z®. Readily embed machine learning and deep learning models in transactional applications to deliver real-time insight. Inference every transaction with minimal  impact to operational processing SLAs - for no compromise AI.

Try the IBM WMLz Online Scoring Community Edition. This lightweight version of the WMLz scoring service, provides a no-charge option enabling organizations to easily download and try the WMLz in-transaction scoring approach.

Try the IBM WMLz Online Scoring Community Edition →



Develop models on your platform of choice; readily deploy within transactional applications


Score/inference every transaction in real-time for optimal outcomes


Cost effectively deploy AI models without impacting operational processes

Key features

  • Flexible model development
  • Improved productivity
  • Enterprise-ready AI model deployment
  • Enhanced model accuracy
  • Production-ready machine learning
  • Quick-start solution templates

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