Flagship AI platform for IBM z/OS

IBM Machine Learning for z/OS® brings AI to your transactional applications on IBM zSystems. Easily embed machine learning and deep learning models to deliver real-time insight. Inference every transaction with minimal impact to operational SLAs. Transform raw data into superior business outcomes while reducing costs and security risks.




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Develop models on your platform of choice and readily deploy them within transactional applications.


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Score/inference every transaction in real-time for optimal business outcomes.


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Deploy AI models at a lower cost without impacting your operational processes.


Flexible model development

Build, train and evaluate models with your IDE of choice, or use our model-building features.

Improved Performance & Versatility

Enhanced performance by leveraging the advanced model conversion utility of IBM® deep learning compiler (DLC) and the on-chip AI accelerator of IBM Telum processor on z16.

Enterprise-ready AI model deployment

Deploy predictive models that are optimized for the highest levels of security and performance.

Enhanced model accuracy

Continuously monitor model performance and automatically refresh models to maintain accuracy.

Machine learning with explainability

Deliver essential model and machine learning capabilities, with explainability for every decision.

Quick-start solution templates

Take advantage of machine learning templates for fraud detection, loan approval, analytics and more.

Technical details

Software requirements

  • z/OS 2.5 or 2.4 and Db2 12 for z/OS or later
  • z/OS ICSF and z/OS OpenSSH
  • IBM 64-bit SDK for z/OS Java™ v8 SR6 or later

Hardware requirements

  • IBM z16, z15™, z14, IBM z13®, or IBM z Enterprise® EC12 system (1 GCP, 4 zIIP, 100 GB memory, 100 GB disk space) 

Maintenance and flexible pricing

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Guidance and other resources

IBM Support

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IBM Documentation

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IBM Z and LinuxOne Community

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Technical overview

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