IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS
High-speed analysis of your enterprise data for real-time insight under the control and security of IBM Z
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Resource efficient, high-speed processing of complex Db2 for z/OS queries

IBM Db2® Analytics Accelerator is a high-performance component tightly integrated with Db2 for z/OS®. It delivers high-speed processing of complex Db2 queries to support business-critical reporting and analytic workloads. The Db2 Analytics Accelerator has helped improve the performance of thousands of Db2 for z/OS applications and systems of insight and is a key enabler for data access modernization. It can be deployed on IFLs (IBM Integrated Facility for Linux) on zSystems or LinuxONE. 


Benefits Analyze data faster

Quickly gain insight from your enterprise data to support time-sensitive decisions and improve customer experience.

Respond quickly with real-time analytics

Use analytics and business insight to quickly understand and respond to risk and regulatory compliance.

Simplify and save

Simplify your infrastructure, reduce data movement off platform and free up computer resources.

Benefit from a secure IBM Z perimeter

Safeguard valuable data with the control and security of Db2 for z/OS.

Choose from flexible, integrated deployment options

Deploy the form factor that best suits your requirements – IBM Integrated Facility for Linux on zSystems or LinuxONE.

Capabilities IBM Z integration: Deep integration with Db2 for z/OS and IBM Z

Quickly gain insight from your enterprise data to support time-sensitive decisions and improve customer experience.

High performance: Fast answers without SLA impact

Separate resource pools for transactional and resource-intensive queries for fast business insights without impact to operational processes.

Data synchronization: Radically simplified, ultrafast data synchronization

An efficient, integrated approach to synchronize Db2 for z/OS data for faster business insights

Scalability: Flexible deployment options 

Can scale from very small to very large deployments of hundreds of IBM Z Integrated Facility for Linux processors

Use cases Ways to put your Db2 for z/OS data to work Data rich applications

Fast performance for data rich, complex queries

  • Fast business insights from large volumes of the most current data for modern data-rich applications, without impact to transactional applications.
Data fabric

The most current data for your data fabric

  • Drive analytics through your data fabric from your operational data without having to move the data off-platform. That means less complexity, less latency, and better security, governance and decisions.
Db2 efficiency

Reduce mainframe resources

  • Redirect Db2 for z/OS analytical queries without consuming mainframe resources and without impacting operational SLAs. Archive time partitioned Db2 for z/OS data to reduce the Db2 for z/OS data footprint on enterprise disk. 
Batch acceleration

Reduce costs and meet SLAs

  • An innovative approach to ensure organizations can reduce costs and meet SLAs in batch and online even within the context of resource-intensive, online transactional applications.
Case studies
Accelerated analytics deliver banking insights Garanti BBVA used the IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS to help automate banking processes, boost analytical speed, and reduce mainframe CPU consumption. Read the case study

Baldor Electric Company Builds real-time manufacturing capabilities to drive customer satisfaction Read the case study

SGK (Social Security Institution) Gains real-time analytics and reduces costs while improving services for citizens Watch the video (5:23)

My department manages the mainframe platform that performs our most critical banking transactions. Our main responsibilities are to make it faster and more secure, and to implement new technology to meet upcoming requirements. Ibrahim Parlak Unit Manager, Cloud Data Platform Technologies, Garanti BBVA
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