Gain high-speed processing on complex Db2 queries

IBM Db2® Analytics Accelerator is a high-performance component tightly integrated with Db2 for z/OS®. It delivers high-speed processing for complex Db2 queries to support business-critical reporting and analytic workloads. The accelerator transforms the mainframe into a hybrid transaction and analytic processing (HTAP) environment. It drives out cost and complexity and enables analytics on transactional data as it is generated. Use your business-critical data where it originates to integrate real-time insight with real-time operational decisions.

Db2 Analytics Accelerator on z15

Analyze data faster

Quickly gain insight from your enterprise data to support time-sensitive decisions.

Respond quickly with real-time analytics

Use analytics and business insight to quickly identify risk, improve customer experience, better anticipate the impact of global events on your business, and more.

Simplify and save

Simplify your infrastructure, reduce data movement off-platform and free up computer resources.

Benefit from a secure IBM Z perimeter

Safeguard valuable data with the control and security of Db2 for z/OS.

Choose from flexible, integrated deployment options

Deploy the form factor that best suits your requirements — either as an appliance on the IBM Integrated Analytics System — and/or directly on the IBM Z® mainframe.

IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS features

  • Deep Db2 integration within IBM Z
  • High-performance query execution
  • In-database transformation
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Advanced data synchronization technique
  • Expanded scalability for Db2 Analytics Accelerator on IBM Z