IBM Db2 for z/OS
Db2 for z/OS and the Data and AI on IBM Z portfolio deliver exceptional enterprise value
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The enterprise computing foundation for hybrid cloud, data and AI

Enterprises are modernizing and building new applications off platform, on the cloud, while leveraging their cost effective, resilient systems of record on IBM Z. Db2 for z/OS and its ecosystem of products offers agile, efficient, secure enterprise data serving for the world’s most demanding hybrid cloud, and transactional and analytics applications.

Organizations can readily access IBM Z and Db2 for z/OS data in-place or synchronize that data as part of a data fabric or data lakehouse. Infuse AI throughout transactions, applications and operations – at speed and scale. Transactional data is essential to understanding business performance and customer behavior and it offers the most predictive value for AI applications. Db2 for z/OS transactional data, delivered via IBM Db2 Data Gate, can be readily combined with lakehouse data in for enhanced analytical insight.


Benefits Uncover and monetize hidden insights through integrated AI

Extract greater value from Db2 for z/OS data.

Infuse with new and enhanced intelligence

Improve application scalability and performance for modern workloads.

Deliver unparalleled availability

Enhance resiliency, efficiency and application stability.

Deploy new features more quickly

Use simplified database management and upgrades for faster time to value.

Enable business growth in the digital world

Enhance scalability, security and compliance.

Synergy with IBM z16

Leverage new z16 features to enhance recovery and performance.

Extract unprecedented insight from your Db2 for z/OS data
Data relationships and insights are often unaccessed, unidentified and therefore unmonetized. Traditional machine learning approaches do little to draw out this valuable information. To get more value from your existing data, you need a simpler, database-integrated approach for developing and deploying AI insights — with minimal data science dependency.                          Db2 for z/OS, via SQL Data Insights, provides an environment to generate trusted relational foundational models from private, known intra-enterprise data sources. Foundational models can be used for a variety of downstream tasks such as clustering, recommendations, similarity searches and prediction.  Learn more
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