Infusing AI into Db2 for z/OS makes it smarter

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IBM® Db2® AI for IBM z/OS® uses machine learning and AI to help improve the operational performance and maintain the health of Db2 systems. It's built on the services provided by IBM Watson® Machine Learning for z/OS and designed to optimize SQL performance.

Version 1.4 can also now use independent software vendor (ISV) data to further corroborate and validate SQL assessments. This added data allows Db2 to optimize SQL better and improve application performance.


Reduce CPU consumption and IT cost

Up to 25 percent CPU savings through optimization for best query access paths using machine learning technology.

Improve Db2 application performance

Db2 for z/OS applications run faster and more efficiently and therefore use less MIPs.

Learn patterns from the collected data

Rapid model learning specific to the data and application behavior per subsystem without requiring data science skills.

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How customers use IBM Db2 AI for z/OS

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    Distributed connection control provides added security to meet audit requirements


    As bad actors get smarter, enterprise security needs to be constantly improved. In complex environments involving hybrid cloud, mobile, IoT and AI, your applications need to work harder and faster to find and resolve threats before damage is done.


    Distributed connection control provides enterprise security readiness. It's designed to help simplify user management for Db2 AI for z/OS using default Db2 resource access control facility (RACF) methods. These methods can help clients improve their security and audit requirements for user management, and also support multifactor authentication.

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    Save time and reduce costs


    Today’s IT environments require skill sets that challenge even accomplished database administrators. Organizations like yours want to use ML and AI technologies to automate tasks. Because according to IBM data, database admins can spend 25% – 30% of their time managing app performance and tuning SQL queries.¹


    Db2 AI for z/OS embeds machine learning services in the Db2 for z/OS engine to give you insights into the health of IBM Db2 for z/OS subsystems. The software can optimize performance of Db2 systems which can reduce IT operational costs and save time.

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    Improve Db2 application performance and business intelligence dashboard


    In today’s complex IT environments, your business is likely being called on to meet a laundry list of goals: drive revenue, improve productivity, increase performance, ensure security and more. These are big challenges for IT professionals.


    The combination of AI and ML in Db2 for z/OS helps identify better SQL query access paths based on your unique workloads. The application's business intelligence (BI) dashboard shows you self-healing SQL optimization, CPU usage data and historical long term data analysis.


¹ Based on IBM internal analysis of client data. Individual client results will vary.