IBM Db2 AI for z/OS
AI enhanced operational efficiency
Why BBVA is interested in Db2 AI for z/OS
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Enhance Db2 for z/OS efficiency, health and performance

IBM Db2 AI for z/OS embraces autonomics to simplify database management efforts through built-in domain expertise. Leveraging machine learning and AI, it can help improve operational performance and maintain Db2 for z/OS efficiency and health while enhancing Db2 for z/OS performance, reliability and cost effectiveness–even under the most demanding circumstances.


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Benefits Reduce CPU consumption

Lower CPU resources and maintain enterprise-level resiliency and availability.

Improve application performance 

Optimize SQL query path, sort and SQL concurrency for reduced workload and better performance.

Enhance resiliency

Avoid disruptions, uncover the root causes of database performance issues and identify performance improvement opportunities.

Capabilities Apply AI to operational processes Distributed connection control

Provide enhanced hybrid cloud reliability

  • Protect Db2 for z/OS from unintentional disruptions and intrusions that may originate from remote applications.
Systems performance assessment

Uncover root causes of performance issues

  • Quickly prevent and resolve system anomalies, analyze Db2 systems, improve database performance and help reduce the need for costly optimizing and tuning applications.
Enhanced optimizer path selection

Reduce DBA time and simplify performance management

  • Save DBA’s up to 30% of their time by managing application performance and queries more effectively and efficiently.
Sysplex support and simplified migration

Minimize downtime

  • Gain enhanced high-availability support for business-critical and large workloads to help eliminate single point of failure.

Use cases

Enhance resiliency for hybrid cloud applications via AI Prevent cloud applications from mismanaging connectivity thereby depleting resources for other applications.

Manage Db2 with less time and effort  Simplified Db2 management experience providing self-tuning and self-managing capabilities powered by AI.

Optimize Db2 mainframe resources Interactive, intuitive and detailed Db2 performance analysis and deep Db2 domain knowledge-based reports for rapid performance analysis.

Resources Health check performance demo

Today’s complex environments require skill sets even beyond the abilities of accomplished database administrators.

Query optimizer performance demo

Database administrators can spend as much as 25 to 30 percent of their time managing application performance and tuning SQL queries.

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