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Move beyond basic endpoint management

Enable your frontline workers to use their devices in a protected way, wherever they may be. IBM Security® MaaS360ç manages purpose-built devices, ruggedized, non-GMS and Android Open Source Project (AOSP) devices from the same console as your other endpoints, and protects them with built-in threat management capabilities against SMS and email phishing, insider threats and much more.

Whether your teams use scanners in warehouses, take pictures in manufacturing facilities, handle meeting room displays or use ruggedized devices for their day-to-day work, MaaS360 makes sure these endpoints are managed as thoroughly as standard devices and kept in line with your security policies and industry standards.

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What you can do
Enroll non-GMS devices quickly

Enroll company-owned, non-GMS devices in Device Owner (DO) mode through QR code provisioning with MaaS360. Administrators can enroll corporate-owned Android devices in DO mode by scanning a QR code. By using DO to enroll purpose-built devices, IT administrators can enforce management and preload policies and apps on devices before they are issued to users. The MaaS360 agent is automatically installed when devices are reset.

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Application and configuration management

Quickly install and manage application updates on non-GMS devices enrolled in MaaS360. Configurations are pushed directly to the operating system (OS) through the MaaS360 app. The distribution and installation of enterprise apps is also supported. Frontline workers can use the MaaS360 App Catalog to install enterprise apps. Purpose-built devices include RealWear, Amazon FireOS, Santok, Zebra and many more.

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Streamline disparate management actions

Diagnose and resolve device, user and application issues with IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson®, which offers IT teams detailed visibility and control while facilitating optimum mobile user productivity. This streamlines your support by allowing you to: secure the device by geofencing to a location, push OS updates to the devices to keep the device secure access, locate lost or stolen devices, assist users with a self-service portal and much more.

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Identity and access management (IAM)

Deliver single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for cloud and enterprise apps by using MaaS360 Identity, provided out-of-the-box through integration with IBM Cloud® Identity. Used in conjunction with automated compliance rules, risk-based Conditional Access (CA) policies can be configured to ensure risky users are not interacting with sensitive data or other corporate resources.

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Examples of purpose-built devices
Non-GMS devices

Any non-GMS device that can enroll through QR code or ADB commands.



MaaS360 manages a wide range of Santok non-GMS devices and ruggedized devices, covering industries from healthcare to telecommunications.

Amazon FireOS devices

Built on Android, FireOS is an OS supported and managed by MaaS360 for many types of industry use cases.


Augmented and virtual reality technology has been used extensively in the manufacturing industry by frontline workers and MaaS360 supports RealWear rugged devices.

Use cases Google Play and services are not available

A country that doesn’t allow the Google services or play store where Android devices need to be managed. For example, devices used in a country such as China.

Restricted internet access

Clients with strict access rules that allow access only to an internal network. For example, devices in a manufacturing hub or storage center that requires closed access.

Devices not certified by Google

Multiple companies uses AOSP devices that are purpose built for specific use cases that are not Google certified. For example, a tablet in a meeting room used for booking information that doesn’t require other advanced services.

People just expect technology to be there and work. MaaS360 has helped us make that a reality at the lowest operational cost. Director Mobile Operations and Support Global pharmaceuticals company
Case studies

A not-for-profit healthcare organization secures the personal information of its 400,000 members.

Global pharmaceutical company

A fortune 100 global pharmaceuticals company uses MaaS360 UEM to support many different platforms through a single management console.

Related solutions Mobile device management (MDM)

The basis of any UEM deployment is MDM. While UEM solutions deliver a rich set of security and productivity tools for any device, none of that matters if devices themselves are not enrolled and managed at a basic level. MDM solutions provide the API-based policy, same-day support for all popular operating systems, compliance rules and app distribution that make up the backbone of any MDM platform.

Unified endpoint management (UEM)

UEM offers a simplified and consolidated device management approach. It is a culmination of the device policy available in MDM and the data security and identity features provided through EMM deployment. UEM adds to those capabilities by layering threat defense, AI analytics and the management of any device—whether smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or IoT—that is using any of the common mobile operating systems.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM)

EMM solutions represent an evolution from MDM, a midway point to full UEM with a focus on the user experience and data security. Within MaaS360, EMM features include the secure container—an encrypted sandbox installed on user devices equipped with workplace applications—as well as identity tools and mobile app management policies for corporate apps.

Mobility Success Services

Curated mobility services offerings help you get the most out of your MaaS360 investment throughout the UEM lifecycle. IBM Mobility Success Services Security Expert Labs engagements scale from SMB-tailored offerings to large enterprise projects.

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