Integrate easily with existing cybersecurity and productivity software

You have a lot of apps to protect your colleagues’ devices and data, which need updates, synchronizing, orchestration, policies and many more actions from you. And the cyber threats are constantly evolving.

IBM MaaS360 integrates with the main cybersecurity and business productivity apps, so you can easily access the information you need, act fast and decisively, with no need to migrate if you think it’s not the time.

Why integrate with MaaS360?


Mobile apps using the AppConfig community


Million devices managed


Million app downloads

Capabilities of MaaS360 and Verify

Protect endpoints with multiple provisioning types

Facilitate comprehensive endpoint management and security, adding cloud-based user provisioning, on-premises directory provisioning and more.

Create a superior user experience with IAM

Enable a frictionless employee experience with digital access from any device, in any location, with single sign on (SSO) and passwordless access to apps on managed devices.

Use the latest technologies against cyber threats

Defend an expanded attack surface from phishing, malware and other endpoint threats with biometric access, multifactor authentication, risk-based conditional access and more.

Capabilities of MaaS360 and ReaQta

Manage and protect any device against cyber threats

Provide modern management designed for the “work from everywhere” workforce, including autonomous threat prevention and endpoint management.

Automate IT work and create a frictionless user experience

Enable a better digital employee experience with enterprise automation, out-of-the box enrollment, automated policies and compliance.

Centralize management and protection of devices

Manage and protect devices from one place by using EDR, endpoint security, and identity as a service. Use native security to support your strategy.

Capabilities of MaaS360 and the QRadar family

User-friendly security API

Use a new API that provides all incident events and data generated by MaaS360 to third party systems. The API integrates with the security dashboard for real-time event processing.

Real-time view of security incidents

Deep dive quickly into user and device risk evaluation based on event feeds. Mobile threat incidents from MaaS360 can be merged with your usual security monitoring and processes.

SOAR capabilities with your endpoint strategy

View MaaS360 threat events in QRadar SOAR and act on them quickly. The SOAR system can also update user risk metrics and take automated actions.

Capabilities of MaaS360 embedded in Cloud Pak for Security

Get an end-to-end security view

Gain deeper security insights by connecting various tools by different vendors and data, wherever it resides.

Act with the full power of AI

Respond faster to security incidents with AI and built-in automation, with real type alerts, reports and insights on security risks.

Control and decide based on your security needs

Use a modern and modular approach to security platforms that offers flexibility, extensibility and avoidance of vendor lock-in.


Capabilities of MaaS360 with Teamviewer

Remote connectivity in real time

Connect in seconds to obtain real-world over-the-air (OTA) device views. Remotely configure devices, provision connectivity and remediate connectivity issues.

Full visibility into user’s challenges

Visualize the problems users are experiencing and provide remote guidance, for devices across Apple iOS, Google Android, macOS and Microsoft Windows.

Efficiency and productivity

Reduce the volume of IT help desk calls and email inquiries to support staff. Increase productivity for IT administrators and users, across different locations and work models.


Capabilities of MaaS360 with Zscaler

Enhanced phishing detection

Enable enhanced network-based phishing detection that relies on malicious URL detection.

Unified dashboard

View threat events happening on a MaaS360 device in a unified dashboard.

Expanded device context

Merge Zscaler and MaaS360 information to obtain device context for all threat events.

Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365

Capabilities of MaaS360 and Microsoft

Device management and operating systems

MaaS360 manages and secures Microsoft devices and Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Home, Windows Mixed Reality and more.

Integrate with main productivity apps

MaaS360 is continually expanding to include the most critical Microsoft services such as Exchange, Microsoft 365, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Windows File Share and more.

Manage identities

MaaS360 can integrate seamlessly with Azure platform for conditional access and security policies, as well as with Active Directory and Azure Active Directory.

Frequently asked questions

Our organization is an existing Microsoft customer. If I purchase MaaS360 licenses, do I need any other add ons to interconnect the platforms?

If you have licenses for Microsoft products and MaaS360, you don’t need to purchase any add ons; they easily interconnect.

What Windows operating systems does MaaS360 integrate with?

As a best of breed mobile security platform and unified endpoint management solution, MaaS360 manages and secures the following Microsoft devices and Windows operating systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10/11
  • Windows Home
  • Windows Mixed Reality

What are the recommended storage and bandwidth settings for adding a Windows package in MaaS360?

The following recommendations are the standard storage capacities that you can use to add MaaS360 packages or bundles:

  • 1 GB storage
  • 6 GB bandwidth utilization per device on average over a 12-month period

What Azure platform does MaaS360 integrate with?

IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson can integrate seamlessly with Azure platform for conditional access, security policies and much more, including:

  • Active Directory
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure AD Conditional Access

Our organization is an existing customer of TeamViewer. Can we integrate with IBM MaaS360 for free?

To get IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson, you would need to purchase a license from IBM by contacting your IBM account managers.

My company already has IBM Security QRadar/IBM Security Verify/IBM Security ReaQta. Does this mean we can use MaaS360 for free?

To get IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson, you would need to purchase a license from IBM by contacting your IBM account managers.

We have purchased licenses for IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson and we already have IBM Security QRadar/IBM Security Verify/IBM Security ReaQta licenses. Do I need to purchase more add ons?

If you have licenses for MaaS360 and other IBM security products, you don’t need to purchase any add on; they easily interconnect.



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