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Watch the MaaS360 overview demo to get a sneak peak into the interface. Learn about our approach to unified endpoint management, how it tackles security challenges and its main benefits. 

X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2024

In 2023, organizations saw a 71% spike in cyberattacks caused by exploiting identities. Check out the new report to learn how to best safeguard identities.

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Unified Endpoint Management vs. device lifecycle management: what do they have in common?

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Podcast: Forrester and IBM on how the end user redefined UEM
Analyst reports

Get an in-depth view into the unified endpoint management (UEM) cybersecurity market, recent trends and more. Access the latest analyst reports and supporting materials from ESG, Forrester, IDC, KuppingerCole and more.  

Leadership Compass Report - UEM 2023

Find the solution that best fits your needs and learn what IBM offers as one of the leaders in the UEM landscape.

Thriving in a Work-From-Anywhere World

See the future of UEM and security and learn about the new trend of convergence of endpoint security, UEM and EDR/XDR.

TEI of IBM MaaS360

Read Forrester's analysis of the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of MaaS360, including savings and benefits.

Solution briefs and smart papers

Dive into product specific solution briefs and smart papers to discover what MaaS360 can do for your company, see it's capabilities and explore in-depth use cases. 

Support any device and operating system

Learn about all the operating systems and wearable, ruggedized and IoT devices that MaaS360 supports.

Establish effective device and user security

Learn why UEM needs to be more user- and security-centric, such as distributing security measures according to user behavior.

Create an uncompromised work-from-anywhere team

Learn how IBM Mobility Success Services – Security Expert Labs can help you get the most from your MaaS360 investment.

Compare your UEM solution options

Find out how IBM MaaS360 compares to Microsoft Intune.

Enhance endpoint security through UEM

Learn the difference between MDM, EMM and UEM, and find out how they enhance endpoint security.

Protect your endpoints with integrated threat management

Merge efficiency and effectiveness by managing any existing endpoints with an all native threat management capability.

Data sheets and ebooks

Learn more about MaaS360 features, capabilities, performance, technology and use cases to assess how it can help meet your company's needs.  

IBM MaaS360 Remote Support with TeamViewer

Find out how you can efficiently provide support and control for remote devices with TeamViewer and the MaaS360 solution.

Blog posts

The technology market is evolving at a rapid pace, and so is unified endpoint management. Read our security blog to learn about the latest trends and perspectives.  

Threat Management and Unified Endpoint Management

Learn how combining threat management and UEM ensures protection against cyberattacks.

Advanced endpoint protection versus risk-based application patching versus laptop management

Learn about the similarities and differences between advanced endpoint protection, laptop management and risk-based application patching.

The Past, Present and Future of Endpoint Management Solutions

CMT, MDM, EMM or UEM: which one is more suitable today? Learn about their differences and what's coming next.


Learn what are the latest MaaS360 news, demos, updates, and industry trends directly from our experts.
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Mobile management for the frontline workers with purpose-built devices

Transform how you manage your purpose-built devices in order to create a frictionless relationship with your frontline workers. See how you can do it.

What’s new in the recent iOS 17

Find out what are the new iOS 17 features and improvements and how MaaS360 can help you leverage them across your mobile deployments and security strategy.

MaaS360 announces new risk based application patching capabilities for endpoints

IBM MaaS360 has launched new capabilities of expanding laptop management to discover vulnerable apps and automatically patch them, based on critical situations.

Case studies A sales and marketing services company enables 100% tablet policy compliance with a UEM solution. A Fortune 100 global pharmaceuticals company uses MaaS360 UEM to support many different platforms through a single management console.
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