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Minimize downtime proactively by optimizing application performance with precise, real-time database observability
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A subpar database performance can slow down your applications and even cause outages resulting in not just poor end-user experience but also a major dent in your revenue and reputation. To maintain a high-performing application infrastructure, you need database monitoring tools designed to proactively detect and fix database performance issues in modern application environments.

Database monitoring with IBM® Instana® Observability helps you optimize database performance by using key metrics to automatically detect and address bottlenecks such as costly or slow queries. With real-time database observability, you can identify the problematic queries in your flow and have access to all the trace data and metrics you need to ensure that your business-critical applications are always functioning optimally.

Instana integration with IBM Z: application tracing and Omegamon
Benefits Prevent outages proactively

Prevent downtimes with precise, real-time database observability. Instana continuously discovers all databases, ingests metrics, traces each request, profiles every process and maps all application dependencies—automatically, without any sampling.

Optimize performance and availability

Optimize the performance and availability of your infrastructure with contextual insights from Instana’s dynamic graph (full-stack model), context guide (architectural UX) and unbounded analytics (correlated analytics) capabilities.

Reduce MTTD and MTTR

Optimize application and underlying database performance with Instana’s AI-enhanced observability, which contextualizes performance data across your entire application stack to help reduce MTTD and MTTR.

Automatic database discovery

Instana automatically discovers databases, deploys appropriate monitoring sensors and begins tracing application requests. This helps identify and prevent performance issues or outages before they impact end users.

Application dependency maps

Instana automatically identifies and visualizes the relationships and dependencies between all application components—including databases—to provide full observability.

Database performance management

Instana protects service integrity by collecting high-fidelity application metrics, identifying changes and incidents in real time and tracing any incidents back to specific applications or databases.

Rapid root cause analysis

Instana automatically identifies whether service incidents are caused by an issue with (or impacting) the database, the infrastructure platform or the application component, helping your teams quickly get to the root cause of any performance issue.

AI-assisted incident remediation

Instana delivers real-time observability with 1-second granularity and 3-second notification. Unbounded analytics helps analyze and correlate all the metrics and trace data, enabling automatic root cause analysis and incident remediation.

Results 98% Reduction in delivery latency

Since Dealerware started using Instana for container observability, its DevOps team reduced delivery latency from 10 minutes to nearly 12 seconds.

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99.99% Application availability

Using Instana to monitor all of its applications in one place, Enento is exceeding its SLAs and delivering a more reliable customer experience.

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300+ supported technologies

Instana integrates with other monitoring tools, such as log management and network monitoring tools like IBM® Turbonomic® to provide a comprehensive view of application performance across the entire IT infrastructure with no plug-ins or application restarts.

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Resources Revolutionizing database performance monitoring with DBmarlin and IBM Instana

Thanks to the innovative partnership between DBmarlin and IBM® Instana™, businesses can now achieve granular insights into database performance like never before.

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IBM Instana Observability gives everyone across the enterprise user-friendly access to the data they want with the context they need to deliver rapid issue prevention and remediation.

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