IBM Developer for z/OS features

Modern, simple z/OS development

Gain advanced features for COBOL, PL/I, REXX, and JCL editors with improved navigation and content assist, with real-time syntax checking and highlighting, hyperlinks for copybooks and JCL Procs, and sequence number support.

Advanced debugging of composite z/OS applications

Using z/OS Debugger application

Exploit the IBM strategic debug component, IBM z/OS® Debugger for debugging applications written in COBOL, PL/I, C/C++ and High Level Assembler that connect to a variety of z/OS environments.

Advanced application structure and quality analysis tools

Use application structural analysis, code analysis and code metrics to assist in delivering COBOL and PL/I applications that conform to in-house programming guidelines.

Automated unit testing and code coverage

See the unit testing framework

Automatically generate unit tests with ZUnit to find and fix problems earlier. Then combine unit testing with code coverage analysis to determine the gaps in application testing.

IBM Dependency Based Build (available in Enterprise Edition)

Integrating Dependency Based Build

Standardize DevOps processes across platforms with Software Configuration Management and Continuous Integration tools such as Git and Jenkins using IBM Dependency Based Build (DBB). It provides a modern scripting-language-based automation capability to build traditional z/OS® applications that are developed in programming languages such as COBOL and PL/I.

Source control, lifecycle management and problem diagnosis integration

Integrating Engineering Workflow Management

Adopt modern, parallel development practices with built-in integration with Git and IBM Engineering Workflow Management or integrate with legacy library managers like CA Endevor Software Change Manager. Improve problem resolution by combining with IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS, IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS and IBM File Manager for z/OS.

With Enterprise Edition, gain Microsoft VS Code or Red Hat CodeReady IDE options

Develop with Wazi Developer for Workspaces

Give z/OS developers the option to choose IBM Wazi Developer for VS Code™ or Wazi Developer for Workspaces as their integrated development environment.

Customize and extend the development environment

Enable developers to modify options to create a customized workspace. The workbench provides documented APIs and tools that allow organizations to extend the out-of-the-box capabilities for features unique to your enterprise.

Licensing to suit your needs

Choose the tools and licensing that works best for your business. IBM Developer for z/OS includes the IBM z/OS Debugger and is licensed by user. Need more? Add Microsoft VS Code or Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces as IDE options, IBM Dependency Based Build and 3270 debugging in IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition, with Value Unit licensing. Or, for a complete toolset that includes Problem Determination Tools, purchase IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS.

Technical details

Software requirements

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Hardware requirements

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