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Leverage AI to streamline IT operations, increase uptime, improve efficiency and reduce costs​
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Accelerate remediation time for IT incidents

IBM AIOps Insights is a robust solution for event and incident management that offers central IT operations teams a comprehensive view of their managed IT environment, providing holistic context in a single pane of glass. ​

AIOps Insights uses intelligent automation and AI to​ aggregate information by collecting event data from various sources in the environment, correlating related incidents, and helping teams effectively detect and remediate incidents quickly. The platform integrates with existing toolsets and systems representing network and compute resources, such as SevOne NPM. ​

The dynamic topology visualizes data from multiple sources, offers actionable insights for issue resolution, and provides IT Ops teams with AI-based remediation suggestions to facilitate the path to resolution. Accelerate incident resolution through incident context with visualization of a dynamic topology to pinpoint relevant events. ​

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Smarter IT operations management with IBM AIOps Insights.

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Introducing IBM Intelligent Remediation.  Accelerate incident remediation using the power of automation and generative AI.
AIOps Insights market datapoints 42%  

of organizations face difficulty scaling applications and infrastructure to keep up with the proliferation of new technologies.¹


of organizations state that their IT teams need to spend an increasing amount of time managing technologies and infrastructure​.²


of organizations indicated that 60 minutes of downtime costs their business over USD 300,000.³

Automated incident remediation​ Utilize AI-powered event and incident management capabilities to enable central IT Ops teams to quickly detect, identify and collaborate on incidents, driving more efficient incident remediation.​

Integrations​ Organizations face difficulty scaling applications and infrastructure to keep up with the proliferation of new technologies. By integrating third-party tools from existing IT toolsets, AIOps Insights provides a simple way to gather data all in one place.​

Contextual insights With contextual insights, SRE teams can effectively collaborate in real-time during incident response. From a history of events to the owners of impacted resources, AIOps Insights delivers full context, empowering subject matter experts to work together seamlessly in high-pressure situations. By streamlining collaboration, teams can resolve incidents faster and with less stress.

Topology​ Central IT Ops teams can manage their enterprise IT environment from one interface using an event-driven topology, which aggregates data sources and integrates with third-party tools. This provides automated data mapping for events, metrics, and topology for a holistic view of the IT environment, while dynamically informing teams about incidents that require attention.
Benefits Respond faster

Get topology-led event and incident management capabilities that enable central IT operations teams to detect, identify and collaborate on incidents more quickly.

End-to-end visibility

Gain a holistic view of the managed IT environment about the overall health, resource and operational status of compute, storage and network resources.

Reduce costs​

Accelerate mean time to resolve (MTTR), reduce incident costs and overall IT expenses for organizations.

​ Increase uptime

Empower IT Ops teams to detect and resolve issues faster by augmenting incident remediation. This reduces MTTR, increases uptime, enhances user experiences and ultimately drives business success.​

​ Red Hat® Ansible​ integration

Integrate with Red Hat Ansible, automating incident remediation tasks and reducing workload for IT Ops teams to focus on complex issues.

USD 9.75 / month * Base Managed Virtual Server (MVS)

Purchase quantity needed for full coverage of an IT environment (Includes 2 GB of storage per MVS.)

USD 3.00 / month * Additional GB Storage

Optional add-on available if more than 2 GB of storage is required (Sold in packs of 10 GB/month.)

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The unique environment visualization and multiple integration options are the features that truly make IBM AIOps Insights stand out from the competition. Frank Tate CEO Gulfsoft Consulting
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