What is SOAR?

Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) is graduating to the mainstream.  Organizations burdened by the growing volume of alerts, multiple tools and staff shortages are adopting a single platform to improve their security operations centers.

SOAR tools can help your organization accelerate incident response with automation, process standardization, and integration with your existing security tools. Organizations mature enough for SOAR are able to speed up threat investigations by collecting data across operations without relying on human efforts, increasing productivity and better aligning case and ticket management workflows.

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A SOAR platform that allows you to respond to incidents with confidence, automate actions with intelligence, and collaborate across teams with consistency

SOAR increases productivity and efficiency in your security operations center

Accelerate incident response

Accelerate incident response

Automate mundane, repeatable tasks

Standardize and scale processes

Standardize and scale processes

Capture and share institutional knowledge using playbooks

Centralize security tools

Centralize security tools

Integrate hub with SIEMs, EDRs, threat intelligence and more

The current state of SOAR solutions

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Use SOAR to manage critical security issues

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Handle security alerts

Your analysts face an onslaught of security alerts, and often have numerous tools to work with. Use automation to quickly resolve damaging phishing attacks, or malware infections in multiple endpoints and free your analysts from repetitive tasks.

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Manage security operations

Across your organization, proactive vulnerability management and endpoint diagnostics may take a backseat to reactive incident response. Tools like Ansible can help analysts scale and resolve issues wherever they occur.

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Incident response and enrichment

A SOAR platform integrates your security tools to accelerate and enrich your investigations. It automatically  correlates security alerts flagged by SIEM, against threat intelligence feeds for malicious indicators or integrates malware findings into incidents after detonating in a sandbox.