Cloud-native data and AI platform

Access data quicker 


Faster access to distributed data at lower costs across cloud and on-premises sources 

Boost productivity


Reduced ETL requests allow data engineers to concentrate on higher value work 

Cut costs


Manual cataloging eliminated to save costs like IBM Global Chief Data Office experienced 

How it works

Data observability

Two engineers focused on laptop on office desk

Intelligently manage your data reliability

Leverage data observability to simultaneously manage the quality and reliability of your data continuously. 

Data governance and privacy

Dashboards for governance

Automate to manage data trust, protection and compliance 

Provide an end-to-end experience rooted in metadata and active policy management.  

Multicloud data integration

Dashboards for multicloud data integration

Integrate data across any hybrid and multicloud landscapes.

Deliver trusted data anywhere, at any scale and complexity, on and across multicloud and hybrid cloud environments.  

Customer 360

Dashboard from Watson insights

Create a comprehensive view of client

Connect disparate systems, automate critical business processes and provide a platform to support a comprehensive, single view of priorities. 

MLOps and trustworthy AI

Dashboard for trustworthy ai

MLOps and trustworthy AI

Eliminate the challenge of data access by enabling an end-to-end AI workflow infused with data governance and privacy. 


Multicloud data access

Manage data spread across distributed stores and clouds.

Intelligent knowledge catalog

Rapidly provide business-ready data to users.

Pervasive data privacy and security

Seamlessly enforce universal data and usage policies.

Distributed data processing

Process data without migrating to a central repository.

Modern cloud data warehouse

Supercharge analytics with Netezza, a high-performance data warehouse.

End-to-end AI lifecycle

Dynamically create, train, manage, and monitor AI and advanced models. 

How customers use it

Integrated experience

Product screenshot IBM Cloud Pak for Data Overview dashboard

Integrated experience

Conduct your work with speed and ease within one platform

Built-in governance

Sensitive data policy dashboard product screenshot IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Built-in governance

Prep, cleanse, and govern your data in the same tool

End-to-end AI lifecycle

Asset dashboard product screenshot IBM Cloud Pak for Data

End-to-end AI lifecycle

Collaboratively build your models, mitigate bias, and deploy without leaving the platform

Hybrid multicloud AI

Add data connection selector product screenshot IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Hybrid multicloud AI

Data freedom-ability to connect to over 60 data sources and manage your workloads across multiple cloud environments

Integrated services

Fully managed on IBM Cloud

Data governance and privacy

IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog

Discover, catalog and govern enterprise data more securely.

Multicloud data integration

IBM DataStage

Accelerate innovation with cloud-native data integration. 

Data replication

Efficiently manage data growth with trusted data integration and synchronization.

IBM Watson® Query

Query any data, anywhere and achieve a complete view of your data across sources. 

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

Deliver timely, trusted and quality data. 

Customer 360

IBM Match 360

Establish a single, trusted, 360-degree view of your customers, and improve trust in AI pipelines. 

IBM Watson Query

Simplify data landscapes with a universal query engine that accesses your disparate data sources.

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

Accelerate collaboration by centralizing management of external data connections. 

MLOps and trustworthy AI

IBM Watson Studio

Democratize machine learning and deep learning to accelerate the infusion of AI in your business.

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

Accelerate business value and data usability with active metadata and policy management.

Data management

IBM Db2® Database

Deliver data where and when needed — powered by best-in-class, scalable, AI-infused database management system.

IBM Netezza® Performance Server

Scale fast and simply with a performant data warehouse built for analytics, on the cloud. 

Cloud Databases on IBM Cloud®

Choose one for transactional workloads, web and mobile apps, and fast analytics. 


IBM Cloud® Object Storage

Get flexible, cost-effective and scalable cloud storage for unstructured data. 

Next steps

See how IBM Cloud Pak for Data empowers users with access to trusted data for AI.