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Cloud Pak for Data 4.8 is here
eBooks and digital guides The Data Differentiator: A guide for leaders

Learn the strategic steps to design and implement a data strategy that drives business advantage.

Hybrid cloud for streaming analytics

Learn how streaming and real-time analytics can provide real-time insights for your business.

Modern predictive analytics

Use continuous intelligence to extend analytics into decision support and automation.

AI lifecycle operationalization

Learn how to solve common data science challenges and achieve faster AI outcomes.

White papers Eliminate data silos

See how data virtualization simplifies data analytics in a scalable, powerful data and AI platform.

Accelerate your AI journey

Read how IBM Cloud Pak for Data can help you exploit data as a strategic asset and succeed with AI.

View the Bloor InDetail report

Learn how IBM Cloud Pak for Data helps to build a trusted foundation to monetize data faster.

Specialized training Solution architect learning path

Build skills to plan, design and create a cloud solution while requiring few outside resources.

Administrator learning path

Advance your IBM Cloud Pak® for Data skills to master installation, configuration and management.

Infographics The road to AI

Solve obstacles such as data organization, scalability and accessibility with a unified solution.

Maximize insights from data

Forrester shows how an integrated data and AI platform can help maximize insights from data.

More resources IBM Cloud Pak for Data community

Explore the latest resources, research, blogs and forums for discussion and collaboration.

Financing IBM Cloud Pak solutions

IBM offers flexible payment plans to help you start projects sooner and potentially enhance your return on investment.

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