Introducing IBM Security Guardium Analyzer

IBM Guardium Analyzer is a solution that helps organizations to efficiently identify security and compliance risk associated with personal and sensitive data that falls under regulations like GDPR, PCI DSS, POPI, HIPAA and other privacy mandates.

It applies next-generation data classification, as well as vulnerability scanning, to uncover privacy risks associated with such data in cloud and on-prem databases. It also identifies and prioritize the databases that may be most likely to fail audit

Why IBM Security Guardium Analyzer?


Protect data

Specifically designed to help identify regulated data risks, this service analyzes on-premises and cloud databases to find and present users with prioritized risk information.


Reduce time to value

Pre-built functionality and dynamic dashboards surface data exposures, providing information such as: number of databases affected, severity breakdown, geographic breakdown.


Streamline compliance activities

Helps compliance managers, data managers and IT managers get the information they need, at the right level of detail, to collaborate efficiently.