No other Linux servers are engineered like these

As users, devices and apps proliferate unabated, the volume of data soars and expectations continue to rise. Customers expect transactions to be secure, data protected and experiences  to be fast, personalized and reliable. To deliver premium cloud services, you need a platform designed not to fail or crack – even during spikes and cyberattacks.

Meet the most secure cloud servers

LinuxONE III secure cloud server


Bring your cloud strategy to the next level with encryption everywhere and cloud native development.

LinuxONE Rockhopper II secure cloud server

LinuxONE Rockhopper II

The single-frame Linux server which offers many of the LinuxONE III's capabilities, sized to fit any cloud data center.

All the answers to your LinuxONE questions

Use the Journey to LinuxONE Content Solution to learn more about the servers with the highest level of security. This tool will answer your questions about LinuxONE, from basic technical information all the way to purchase and installation.

Get the guide to LinuxONE

Customers have been surprised at the economic advantage of the LinuxONE platform compared to a similarly complex set of applications running in an x86 environment. In LinuxONE for Dummies, you’ll learn how the platform offers unmatched security while still remaining highly affordable.

Hear from analysts

Learn from IDC how IBM LinuxONE delivers a secure data server and a hybrid cloud infrastructure in a single enterprise platform.

Solitaire research paper

See how LinuxONE delivers up to 82% lower TCO than competitors.

IDC analyst paper

See how a secure data-serving infrastructure enables differentiation.

Forrester analyst paper

Learn why data is the new perimeter for security.

Oracle on LinuxONE

The enterprise-grade Linux on LinuxONE solution is designed to add value to Oracle Database solutions.

Securing Your Cloud

As workloads are being offloaded to IBM® LinuxONE based cloud environments, it is important to ensure that these workloads and environments are secure.

Scale up for Linux on LinuxONE

This IBM Redbooks® publication provides you with the information needed in making a decision on scaling architecture when implementing Linux on LinuxONE.

Security blog

See the 3 critical security issues facing the modern enterprise.

10 reasons blog

Learn why you should choose LinuxONE as told by penguins.

Scalability blog

Hear an industry thought leader perspective on scaling.


Delivers always-on banking at scale to a new generation.

Phoenix Systems

Phoenix Systems needed the right IT platform to secure its clients’ big data, while still having room for company growth.

Huaxia Express

Migrates to LinuxONE for a scalable e-ticketing system.

TCO calculator

See how much you can save by running workloads on LinuxONE vs. x86.

Enable Digital Payments

How IBM is helping financial services organizations

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