Why containers and Kubernetes

Cloud-native development simplifies life for your developers. Using Linux® containers and Kubernetes on IBM LinuxONE III, any developer now has the freedom to build and modernize applications and utilize a modern, scalable, and automated approach to deployment.

Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Paks on LinuxONE

Red Hat® OpenShift® and IBM Cloud Paks on LinuxONE servers let you develop and deploy cloud-native applications faster and more effectively, with the highest levels of security and reliability.

Build once, deploy anywhere

Build and deploy with consistent management and orchestration.

Transform digitally

Integrate applications, data and cloud services to speed digital transformation.

Integrate data

Unify and infuse AI in data collection, organization and analysis.

Build apps faster

Accelerate cloud native development and deployment.

Modernize applications

Cloud-enable WebSphere and start your journey to containers.

Infrastructure management

Management of infrastructure, automation of services, and cloud integration.

Resources on containers and more

Innovate Faster with Red Hat Open Shift and IBM

Learn about the business and market opportunity of IT infrastructure for hybrid cloud.

Protect your cloud native applications

Keep your data protected with encryption, and manage data privacy by policy across your hybrid cloud ecosystem​.

Modernize your enterprise application portfolio

Improve development processes by modernizing your existing enterprise applications with these common approaches.

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Next steps

Container orchestration solutions

Find hardware and software that are container-enabled and have the capacity for rapid scaling.

Cloud native development on Z

Innovate at scale and securely with cloud native development on the IBM Z mainframe – no special skills required.

IBM and cloud native

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