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Is your cloud infrastructure ready to grow at the speed of innovation?

The world is experiencing exponential growth in digital innovation. Your business is capturing new clients, launching new product, expanding into new markets. But is your IT infrastructure ready to grow with you? Is it the right foundation for fast, reliable digital experiences to your customers - with the highest levels of security? And how quickly can you be up and running?

Extensive market and customer data analysis from Solitaire Interglobal research shows that IBM LinuxONE helps customers improve their digital transformation by providing superior security, agility and efficiency.


61% better “out-of-the-box” threat blocking with LinuxONE (1)


2.8X faster to get LinuxONE up and running versus other platforms (1)

Why LinuxONE is the right infrastructure

For enterprise data serving

Grow on demand with a platform able to scale instantly while maintaining high performance.

For the most secure cloud

Protect your clients’ data and avoid data breach headlines with security that’s engineered in, not bolted on.

To run your business

Mission critical means always on, transactions with speeds that don’t flinch, and growth on demand.

Meet the LinuxONE family

No other Linux servers on the planet are engineered like these: pervasive encryption, lightning speed, massive scalability, and great economics.  Our newest members of the family, LinuxONE Rockhopper II™ runs up to 58 billion database transactions per day in the space of 2 floor tiles.

See the exceptional benefits

For security

Encrypt 100% of application, cloud service, and database data without application changes.

For performance

Instantly scale up to 377 billion transactions per day with 12x more speed, 1ms responses, and 99.999% availability.

For transformation

An open platform with a broad ecosystem and a great foundation for next-gen apps like blockchain.

For savings

How often does better cost less? Experience 2x the performance of x86 – at half the TCO and nearly 100% utilization.

Hear from customers

We were looking for a platform with the performance and flexibility to handle very large and variable workloads, combined with strong security and cost efficiency - IBM LinuxONE delivered on all fronts.

—Chester Gorski, Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Techcombank

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Discover why data is the new perimeter and how to secure it.

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Get a view on Linux servers and computing in an era of unprecedented change.

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Connects presenters and audiences using the secure, reliable, scalable LinuxONE.

The Plastic Bank

Startup uses blockchain on LinuxONE to help alleviate poverty.

Huaxia Express

Ticketing system replaces 4,000 x86 servers with one IBM LinuxONE.

Compete with hyperscalers

Differentiate your cloud service while growing your business and keeping costs down.

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How IBM is helping financial services organizations

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