Protect your LinuxONE environment against data breaches, cyberattacks and internal threats with IBM Secure Service Container

Protect your data 100% of the time

With LinuxONE as your platform, your business-critical Linux services and applications are protected against multiple attack vectors. Built-in pervasive encryption ensures that all data is secured both in flight and at rest. Deploy IBM Secure Service Container technology for workload isolation, restricted administrator access and tamper protection against internal threats. Cloud-native LinuxONE workloads are optimized with Kubernetes container orchestration to maximize ROI on your infrastructure investments.


better “out-of-the-box” threat blocking with LinuxONE (1)


faster to get LinuxONE up and running versus other platforms (1)

How LinuxONE can help your business

Secure your cloud environment

Protect your clients’ data and avoid data breach headlines with security that’s engineered in, not bolted on.

Scale without limits

LinuxONE drives enterprise workloads with hundreds of dedicated I/O  processors and the fastest commercial processor available. 

Cloud with confidence

With unmatched security, highest performance and instant scalability. Industry analysts recommend LinuxONE as the platform of choice for enterprise cloud computing.

Innovate with ease

Advance on an open platform with a broad ecosystem and a great foundation for critical workloads like blockchain. Now available on-prem or in the cloud.

Meet the LinuxONE family

No other Linux servers on the planet are engineered like these: pervasive encryption, lightning speed, massive scalability, and practical economics.  Our newest member of the family, LinuxONE Rockhopper II™ runs up to 58 billion database transactions per day while occupying only the space of 2 floor tiles.

Blazing a Trail for Banking in Asia

“Techcombank is a bank of many firsts. For example, we were the first local bank to bring a global core banking system and a digital payment system meeting global standards to the local market. IBM is helping us continue that tradition of innovation, as we are the first company in Vietnam to deploy a LinuxONE system.”

– Chester Gorski, Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Techcombank

IBM LinuxONE is hiring

At IBM, work is more than a job - it's a calling: To build. To design. To think along with clients. To invent.

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The Plastic Bank

Startup uses blockchain on LinuxONE to help alleviate poverty.

Huaxia Express

Ticketing system replaces 4,000 x86 servers with one IBM LinuxONE.

Compete with hyperscalers

Differentiate your cloud service while growing your business and keeping costs down.

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