Deliver a Secure, Scalable Data-Serving Infrastructure
Unmatched AI-inferencing and scalable data-serving capabilities, designed for the evolving financial sector.
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A highly advanced and adaptable platform, IBM LinuxONE provides financial services institutions tremendous processing speeds, minimal latency, and maximum resource utilization. By leveraging the most recent advancements in AI, confidential computing, and blockchain technology, you have a solid foundation upon which to provide faster and more reliable services, improving your overall customer experience. Additionally, since LinuxOne uses fewer machines and less electricity than conventional servers, it is perfect for companies prioritizing workload consolidation and sustainability efforts, lowering your overall environmental impact.

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Deliver security, scalability, reliability and performance in a more cost-effective and sustainable footprint Read the blog post
Achieving sustainability, security and scalability with IBM LinuxONE

Discover how LinuxONE can help you achieve your sustainability, security and scalability goals.

IBM Secure Execution for Linux 

Designed to isolate workloads at granularity and scale and help protect them from internal and external threats.

See Fraud, Stop Fraud with AI

Harness the scalability and speed needed to address fraud risks.


WIC Outstanding Case Award winner

IBM LinuxONE, as a component of IBM's Full-Stack Sustainable Computing Solution, was recognized by the World Internet Conference (WIC) as one of 13 Outstanding Cases of 2023 that contribute to jointly building a more sustainable, prosperous cyberspace.1

Let’s unlock exceptional value for today's rapidly evolving financial landscape

IBM has the technology and expertise to help you gain a competitive advantage while saving costs through a secure, scalable, and high-performance infrastructure built for core banking and lending, confidential computing, and sustainable AI inferencing.

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