What is B2B collaboration?

B2B collaboration is a network of organizations working together to plan and execute operations and meet shared objectives — improved efficiency, cost reduction, product innovation and customer service improvement. Joint initiatives where companies collaborate effectively and manage their supplier relationships see dramatic improvements in meeting these goals.

B2B networks will continue to grow in size and complexity

You manage an increasingly complex, multi-enterprise ecosystem overrun with disparate systems, processes and tools. To stand apart in today’s hyper-connected, global economy, you need to radically simplify connectivity between people, systems and data that matter to your business.

Discover how smarter business networks optimized for B2B and B2C value exchange help you break down siloes, enable the flow of information across your business, quickly onboard new partners, and fuel collaboration between your lines of business, suppliers, carriers and customers.

Key capabilities

24x7x365 connectivity with redundancy
Establish always-on B2B information exchange

Security-rich and scalable with encrypted data protection
Support the most demanding loads and transactions

Global network of over 500,000 connected trading partners
Reduce complexity of maintaining B2B connections


Track, trace and audit
Quickly identify, prioritize and make recommendations for next best action

Flexible and fast in the cloud
Protect current investments and integrate new technologies

Partner connections made easier
Connect to your B2B network with RESTful APIs

Case studies

Li & Fung automates, standardizes and saves costs

Manny Fernandez, Group Chief Technology Officer at Fung Group, tells why IBM Sterling B2B Integrator is the single tool for all their integrations.

Western Union speeds disaster recovery time by 95 percent

Ensures maximum availability for critical file transfers while meeting demanding SLAs even in the event of disaster.

Niagara Bottling boosts the availability of its vital EDI services

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator has helped Niagara Bottling deliver 100 percent apparent uptime for their customers.

Coastal Pacific seamlessly migrates 3.5 million EDI transactions

With the IBM platform, Coastal Pacific achieves its goal of delivering self-service capabilities to prepare for future growth while also reducing administration requirements by 60 percent.


B2B integration software modernizes your B2B connectivity to meet the ongoing demands of the business — while reducing costs and complexity

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network

IBM Sterling Transformation Extender

IBM Sterling Global Mailbox

IBM Sterling File Gateway

IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager

Managed file transfer (MFT) software simplifies the complex to prepare you for hyper-growth in file sizes, volumes of connections and time sensitive data

IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer

IBM Sterling Control Center Director

IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager


IBM point of view: The future of EDI

Emerging technologies like IoT, blockchain and AI will provide businesses the tools to solve new challenges that require more than B2B document exchange.

Infographic: Failure is not an option for your file transfers

Top three reasons IT leaders give for choosing managed file transfer over FTP for file delivery.

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