Welcome to the World of AI

Unless you are living off the grid, you are probably using cloud services in one way or another. The cloud is evolving alongside the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile technologies, giving companies a broader range to innovate with. According to Gartner, the cloud computing market has been predicted to reach $411 billion by 2020.

The fusion of cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a source of innovation as well a means to accelerate change. The correlation between AI and the cloud could become a symbiotic relationship, where one technology helps better the other.

AI is becoming more pervasive as more organisations put it to work. For example, a couple of years ago, IBM Watson was taught to fight real-life cybercrime. About 40 companies deployed the Watson for Cybersecurity program to spot cybercrime. The developers spent months teaching IBM Watson to recognize and differentiate between serious and fake threats. Watson’s ability to learn quickly is directly related to human facilitation. To create a smart system that learns and grows on its own requires hours of human intelligence applied to computing and compiling the relevant data, and diligent weeding out of the irrelevant information. With the interaction between AI and cloud, the scope for humans and AI to gather and analyze data increases.

AI is being integrated in business processes and becoming an inevitable part of each day. It is embedded in consumer technology and shields users from the complexity of modern transactions. Each day we’re getting closer and closer to a truly AI-based society, where the human-machine interaction is fruitful and ubiquitous. Any task that is currently complex or tedious can be enhanced by AI. AI can help personalise choices, speed up decisions and reduce complexity. In other words, let’s build a simpler world by putting smart to work.


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