Recover access to critical data and applications

Recovery plans must be focused on quick rebuilding of mission-critical business applications and restoration of data. IBM experts can help your company prioritise the appropriate resources to speed recovery.


IBM X-Force

Proactively manage your security threats with the expertise, skills and people of IBM Security Services


Support information resiliency with a robust range of onsite, offsite and hybrid cloud–based data protection solutions

Resiliency Orchestration with Cyber Incident Recovery

Protecting data and configurations (applications,systems, devices) from cyber incidents with rapid recovery to minimize business impacts across hybrid environments


Enable rapid recovery with continuous replication of critical applications, infrastructure and data to the cloud


Prakash Subramanian

Head of Product Management, IBM Resiliency Orchestration

Gagan Sugandh

Technical Sales Specialist
IBM Global Markets - Cognitive Solutions Unit Industry Platforms

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Understand the Issues

Ponemon Institute: 2018 Cost of Data Breach study

See how business continuity management programs can help your organisation be better protected and resilient against cyber attacks and other emerging cyber threats. 

IBM Resiliency Orchestration with Cyber Incident Recovery

Protect data and platform configurations with a purpose-built capability for fast, reliable and scalable recovery from cyberattacks

The 2019 Ponemon Study: The Cyber Resilient Organisation

The fourth annual study shows that many organisations are still falling short of the baseline standards of cyber resilience.

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Get your enterprise operating optimally again by recovering access to, rebuild and recover mission-critical data and applications.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework


To improve cyber resilience, you need to assess your readiness, process and posture, and then define an action plan.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework


The best way to safeguard against attacks is to proactively discover your vulnerabilities before they are exploited and disrupt potential exploits.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework


Use advanced analytics to detect attacks coming from outside your enterprise and investigate active threats hiding inside your enterprise's IT infrastructure.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework


Remediate attack damage by responding effectively with the smartest cyber incident responders and threat intelligence to restore and address vulnerabilities.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework