Optimize Data Security with a Big Data Lake

IBM Security Guardium Big Data Intelligence streamlines your existing data security solution to speed time to insights and reduce operational, data security, and compliance costs. By easily retaining and synthesizing large quantities of historical and near-real-time data over extended time periods, IBM Security Guardium Big Data Intelligence enables your team to rapidly gain new, enriched data security and compliance insights while lowering costs, providing self-service data exploration, and delivering comprehensive reporting capabilities.
IBM Security Guardium Big Data Intelligence


Optimizes your data security deployment to lighten operational load, improve performance, and provide direct data access.


Stores more audit and enrichment data cost effectively, to meet longer compliance requirements and create context-aware historical insight, without sacrificing performance.


Applies big data analytics and machine learning to deliver new audit and data security insights, uncover new areas of risk, and discover emerging threat patterns.

Key Features of IBM Security Guardium Big Data Intelligence

  • Big data lake built for data security
  • Direct, real-time access to data and risk insights
  • User activity analytics
  • Privileged access and change reconciliation
  • Noise cancelation and deduplication forensics
  • Fully customizable SOC dashboard
  • Automated trusted connection profiling
  • Data enrichment
  • DB360
  • Flexible, event-level workflow management
  • Self-service, interactive data exploration

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Built-In Dashboards and Reports
Built-In Dashboards and Reports
Interactive Data Exploration
Interactive Data Exploration
Big Data Driven Insights
Big Data Driven Insights
Smart Data Security & Audit Workflows
Smart Data Security & Audit Workflows

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