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What is UrbanCode Build?

The IBM UrbanCode® Build tool is a distributed, multi-platform, enterprise-scale build management solution that uses a template-driven system to configure and run software builds.

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What UrbanCode Build can help you do

Dependency management

Facilitate complex project builds based upon project relationships.

Flexible role-based and team-based security

Create a secure environment that conforms to your organization’s structure and needs.

Build at scale

Configure and run your builds with a template-driven process that accelerates feedback.

Key features

Capture common elements of configuration

See the standard build processes, source control rules and test reports. Identify project variances to accommodate unique attributes. Define a project with a tool-based template using variance information generated from a short, automated form.

Centralize security set-up and template creation

Control who can see and run builds. Save time and effort when you configure security settings.

Understand application dependencies

Help ensure that when a team changes a library, dependent applications are rebuilt and problems are tied back to the library. Generate dependency graphs that outline the makeup of complex applications with dozens or hundreds of dependencies that reach several layers deep.

Establish dependency management

Generate high-performance reports for thousands of projects. Scan projects across the enterprise to understand the state of unit test coverage, or to scan test history for a single build. View and understand project trends.

Product Integrations

Docker Build

Use this plug-in to build Docker images with UrbanCode Build.

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Automate the ability to clone a Git repository, tag source artifacts, and publish source artifact changes to the changes page of the build file.

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Hundreds of other integrations

Help make deployment processes stronger and easier to design. Use tested integrations with dozens of tools and technologies from IBM, open source and third parties.

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Get started

A step-by-step tutorial gives you hands-on experience with IBM UrbanCode continuous-delivery tools.