IBM Cloud® compliance: MTCS (Singapore)
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What is MTCS?

The Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS), also known as Singapore Standard SS 584, is a security standard for cloud service providers operating in Singapore. MTCS was developed under the direction of Singapore's Information Technology Standards Committee (ITSC) as a way for cloud service providers to demonstrate security controls appropriate to the sensitivity of the data they store and process.

The MTCS Certification Scheme is based on international standards such as ISO 27001 and is designed to ensure that security and privacy practices are in place, to reduce risk when operating within a cloud environment.

MTCS certification is awarded at three different tiers of operational security, with increasingly stringent requirements. MTCS certification at Level 3 is verified for having security controls in place to host the most sensitive and high-impact data, and is required for a cloud service provider who will handle data for the Singaporean government.

Reports and other documentation

View the IBM Cloud Infrastructure services MTCS certificate (link resides outside

IBM position

IBM Cloud Infrastructure services have received MTCS/SS 584:2015 Level 3 certification. IBM Service Descriptions (SD) indicate if a given offering maintains MTCS compliance status. Services below are assessed yearly by an independent assessor that publishes a certificate.

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