person looking at monitor in center with incoming lines from three objects representing different vm environments

Orchestrate hybrid monitoring

Implementing a cloud operating strategy can give organizations improved efficiency and time to market, but transitioning workloads from VMs to containers can introduce cost and risk as environments must remain live while under construction. Operating in different VM environments and public clouds with unique regulatory requirements and using a collection of point products to manage them can leave organizations with costly, but avoidable, challenges. IBM solutions drive the transition to cloud operating models.

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Enforce policy at scale

Organizations moving to cloud or operating permanently in hybrid environments must enforce policy on a large scale with consistency across disparate resources. Building cloud native workloads to run alongside VM environments means IT operations and SRE teams must integrate a single source of truth for governance posture into different architectures. Automation of policy and governance can reduce the burden of maintaining consistent governance across hybrid environments, framing a DevSecOps operating model for modern IT environments.

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lines connecting disparate resources to center with persons representing single source of truth for government
lines from various monitors to person at computer desk in center representing a common framework of application architecture

Optimize application performance

A consistent application management model ensures rapid triage of issues associated with application performance. With golden signals and synthetic monitoring, operations and development teams can collaborate using a common framework of application architecture and deployment policies regardless of infrastructure.

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