Watson is getting a little emotional with PubNub

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Watson is getting a little emotional with PubNub

UPDATE! We’re continuing our Watson + PubNub speaking session at DeveloperWeek in Austin! If you weren’t able to attend API World and hear our speaking session, you have another opportunity at DeveloperWeek Austin. You can also register for the webinar replay where we cover the same topic. Either way, we’d like to hear your thoughts on our presentation!

At API World last September, I shared the stage with Bhavana Srinivas of PubNub. Together, we covered how to make cognitive, real-time apps using IBM Watson services with PubNub Functions. As we demonstrated, combining Watson Tone Analyzer with PubNub is not only lightening fast, but it’s also very easy.

Watson services, like Tone Analyzer, allow you to implement powerful cognitive APIs into your applications without having to roll your own machine learning solutions. The machine learning aspect is built-in natively, you could say, into Watson’s capabilities.

PubNub Fuctions bring you into the serverless mindset with JavaScript-based microservices, globally deployed by default. It’s smart, fast and easy to deploy, bringing the enriched information to your users right when they want it no matter where they are. And that’s where it gets interesting when combining with Watson.

We demoed a basic Watson Tone Analyzer and PubNub Functions solution that demonstrated a brand perception comparison between very well known fast-food chains. Attendance was great and we had fun with it! Check out my PubNub video on Watson!

Bhavana and I will be persenting Watson + PubNub at DeveloperWeek Austin on Nov 8th. Come with questions about building solutions with Watson Services and PubNub. If you are struggling with real-time or you have not found a way to incorporate AI into your existing solution, this session may inspire you! Bhavana and I can’t wait to see you in Texas! You can also follow us on Twitter @MissAmaraKay and @Bhavana1110to see our current projects.

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