Leverage AI and IoT-driven expertise compiled from food and agribusiness industry leaders and decades of IBM research.

Bringing region-to-cup traced coffee to U.S. stores with 1850® Coffee

3 min read - Perhaps now more than ever, people want to support the small businesses, organizations and brands they really love and respect, even when these goods are produced a world away. One product that makes this particularly challenging is coffee. Though, Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day, the most in the world, it is generally impractical or impossible for these consumers to have any interaction with coffee producers, who are predominately located in small holder farms in tropical climates.…

Meet the Swedish drone enthusiasts combating crop disease

5 min read - Potatoes only make up two percent of all arable land in Sweden but account for 25 percent of aggregate pesticide use. University researchers partnered with IBM to develop AI-powered drones that can quickly and accurately detect potato blight. With accuracy of 75 percent to 97 percent, the drone system can process images ten-times faster than human observers. Mats Persson, a Business Manager with IBM Sweden, readily admits he did not set out to solve the problem of late blight amongst…

Cloud innovation in pig weighing helps farmers improve safety and profitability

3 min read - For many people, the mention of a "hearty breakfast" or "flavorful meal" conjures up the quiet sizzle, smoky flavor and savory aroma of bacon. Pork enthusiasts can count on their beloved bacon to deliver a consistent quality and experience — and that's no accident. Pig farmers and processors know all too well that a pig’s weight and fat percentage are critical for pig production. If the animal weighs too much, it requires additional costly processing, and if the animal is…

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