As technology expands, at TechD, we know that the quality of generative AI (gen AI) depends on accurate data sourcing. A reliable and trustworthy data source is essential for sharing information across departments. Through the implementation of generative AI we are able to expand our knowledge to many individuals easily, quickly and efficiently becoming a resource.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, immediate responses are crucial for delivering outstanding user experiences.

Our partnership with IBM facilitates the delivery of scalable solutions, rapidly implementable by organizations. This addresses data management, conversational interface and natural language processing needs with efficiency. Our solution is a combination of IBM Db2, IBM watsonx™ Assistant and NeuralSeek.

A coordinated partnership: How these tools work together

By using IBM Db2, IBM watsonx Assistant and NeuralSeek, we offer a comprehensive solution that streamlines data management, enhances accessibility, and helps to ensure security and integrity across your enterprise.

  • IBM Db2: A reliable, high-performance database built for enterprise-level applications, designed to efficiently store, analyze and retrieve data. Boasting decades of expertise in reliability, scalability, security and performance. IBM Db2 serves as the backbone, providing a robust database for storing and managing data.
  • IBM watsonx Assistant: Using AI to understand and respond to natural language queries, including those related to databases. Watsonx Assistant retrieves information from Db2 databases to answer user queries and performs actions based on user requests. Also, Db2 seamlessly integrates with watsonx Assistant’s natural language processing capabilities to analyze unstructured data and derive insights.
  • NeuralSeek: An advanced tool enhancing the natural language abilities of current systems, facilitating intuitive navigation of extensive databases. NeuralSeek enhances Db2’s search and retrieval functions, aiding watsonx Assistant in accessing relevant information. Also, NeuralSeek’s language understanding capabilities improve watsonx Assistant’s accuracy in interpreting user inputs, resulting in more precise responses. NeuralSeek prioritizes client security and privacy by encrypting data both in transit and at rest, safeguarding it from unauthorized access and preserving its confidentiality. Stringent access control mechanisms regulate data access based on user roles and permissions. This helps to ensure that only authorized personnel can view or manipulate the data, minimizing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized usage.

Together, these technologies empower organizations to develop powerful and intelligent conversational interfaces that effectively understand, reason and respond to user inquiries.

Our integrated solution combines rapid data access with advanced natural language processing capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly engage with users Whether addressing customer queries or offering instant support, our solution caters to diverse needs.

Supporting user adoption and proficiency

We help clients experience the transformative benefits of AI-driven insights and efficiency by seamlessly integrating our solution into existing workflows. By enhancing user adoption and proficiency, clients can unlock the full potential of data while helping to ensure utmost privacy and security.

You can tailor training programs to match the unique roles, responsibilities and proficiency levels of your team members. Through comprehensive initial and ongoing training sessions, you empower your staff with the skills needed for continuous skill development and confident usage.

You are also invited to join our monthly webinars, where you can gain deeper insights into our products and learn best practices for implementation and usage. 

Our product in action

A prominent family-owned retail enterprise in the United States harnessed the power of IBM and NeuralSeek solutions to redefine its online shopping with IBM watsonx Assistant with NeuralSeek analytics. This integration bridged virtual and in-store experiences, enhancing customer engagement. The use of the Db2 database and rapid deployment facilitated swift adaptation to evolving market demands.

This approach seamlessly delivered personalized product descriptions, facilitating retrieving relevant information and providing tailored assistance. Retrieval augmented generation technology improved call center efficiency, alleviated customer frustration and provided invaluable insights into shopper behavior. Streamlined access to effective product descriptions maintained a competitive advantage in online retail.

Implementation of IBM Db2, IBM watsonx Assistant and NeuralSeek enabled the company to promptly address customer needs in a highly personalized manner, thereby empowering informed decision-making through a profound understanding of its online shopper demographic. This holistic approach not only helped to ensure customer satisfaction but also solidified the company’s position as an innovative industry leader committed to excellence.

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