New Autoscaling Capabilities for IBM Cloud Foundry Public Environments Now in Beta

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We are excited to announce that new autoscaling capabilities are now available for IBM Cloud Foundry public environments

Previously, we announced the new autoscaling capabilities for IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environments, and with this announcement, we are bringing the same capabilities (based on the Cloud Foundry's App-Autoscaler project) to IBM Cloud Foundry public.

New autoscaling capabilities as a replacement for the existing Auto-Scaling service on IBM Cloud

AutoScaling for Cloud Foundry apps on IBM Cloud has been available since the inception of the IBM Cloud Platform via the standalone Auto-Scaling service in the IBM Cloud catalog. A user would need to create an instance of this service and bind it to their Cloud Foundry application. The new capabilities that we are announcing today will eventually replace the existing Auto-Scaling service. Additional information on this will be published in upcoming blogs.

The new autoscaling capabilities based on the Cloud Foundry's App-Autoscaler project will provide the following benefits:

  • Simplified experience: A user can now add autoscaling policies from within the context of a Cloud Foundry app. There is no need to create a separate service instance and bind it to the app. One can now directly manage the autoscaling policy, performance metrics, and events through the application dashboard on the IBM Cloud console or IBM Cloud Foundry CLI.
  • No application restaging needed: There is no need to restage Cloud Foundry applications to instrument them with  Autoscaling policies.
  • Runtime independent: The new autoscaling capabilities work with all the Cloud Foundry runtimes with the same user-experience and scaling policies.
  • Matching pace with the Cloud Foundry community: Future updates to Cloud Foundry's App-Autoscaler project will be available readily on IBM Cloud.

Getting started

Follow these steps to try out the new autoscaling capabilities:

  1. Sign up for an IBM Cloud account, or log in with your existing account.
  2. Go to the IBM Cloud Foundry overview page to create a Cloud Foundry public application or use Cloud Foundry CLI to push an application to your Cloud Foundry public environment. If you already have a Cloud Foundry application, go to Step 3.
  3. Go to the IBM Cloud resources page and select the Cloud Foundry application you want to autoscale.
  4. Select Autoscaling from the menu of your application dashboard.
    Autoscaling capabilities

One can now start configuring policy, querying metrics, and scaling events. Please refer to the docs page for more details.

Migrating policies from the existing Auto-Scaling service

If you have an existing Auto-Scaling service instance bound to your application, we recommend you export the existing policy, unbind the service, and then recreate the policy for your application using the new autoscaling capability. You need to avoid having both old and new autoscaling policies attached to your application—this could cause conflict and unexpected application behavior. Follow the migration docs for more details.

Auto-Scaling service deprecation

We will eventually deprecate the existing Auto-Scaling service as we generally make available the new autoscaling capabilities for IBM Cloud Foundry public environments. A timeline for the deprecation will be posted soon.

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