Megaport and IBM empower enterprise cloud

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Megaport and IBM empower enterprise cloud

Next-generation technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and High Performance Computing (HPC), are revolutionizing interactive capabilities between enterprises and their customers, and changing the way organizations predict requests.

This is why we’re pleased to announce that Megaport is now offering enterprises dedicated connectivity to IBM Cloud. Enterprises can now access and accelerate the transfer of business-critical data between private infrastructure and the cloud. Our partnership with Megaport empowers our customers with the ability to provision multiple direct connections across North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe —all from a single Port.

Why Megaport and IBM?

With IBM Cloud Direct Link, Megaport accelerates cloud adoption for the enterprise, enabling businesses to seamlessly architect a hybrid environment that connects on-premises infrastructure, private cloud and public cloud services. Megaport provides rapid, scalable and on-demand connectivity so that any-sized organization can leverage the technologies they need to gain a competitive edge. Customers can rapidly provision a new Virtual Cross Connection (VXC) to IBM, regardless of where IBM Cloud Direct Link is enabled.

IBM Cloud is the cloud for business, AI-ready, designed for data and secure to the core, and we’re transforming efficiency across a number of industries, including healthcare, retail and finance and banking. With the direct, reliable connectivity to cloud-native services such as AI, analytics, blockchain, IoT and more, enterprises can better manage the tidal wave of data with high performance and security.

An effective hybrid solution for your enterprise

Thinking about where this wave will land should be a major consideration for organizations. How will this data be managed and accessed? Building a hybrid cloud strategy is a flexible solution, and increasingly crucial, as 85% of business leaders believe hybrid cloud accelerates digital transformation. Benefits include the ability to store mission-critical workloads securely, within arm’s reach, while having the room to innovate within a powerful public cloud environment.

Business leaders are constantly looking for ways to get closer to the data edge and to where their data originates. For example, if an organization operated from corporate data centers in New York and required their IBM AI application to provide real-time suggestions to users in Dallas, they would need to establish servers and additional physical telecommunication circuits in this region to avoid time delay with other solutions.

However, through Megaport, this same organization can now provision a highly-available VXC–at up to 10Gbps–at the same time as establishing new servers to IBM Cloud from their Dallas location. This would quickly and simply achieve the low-latency, on-demand connectivity required for native access to IBM Cloud.

We continue to expand globally in order to address this demand and make new, cloud-native technologies increasingly accessible on their network with minimal latency. IBM’s global footprint has broadened to nearly 60 locations across 19 countries. Megaport also continues to increase accessibility by expanding into data centers beyond typical on-ramp locations, recently reaching 175+ locations globally.

Get started with Megaport and IBM

Megaport and IBM look forward to enabling enterprises to gain a competitive edge with next-generation technologies, through greater access and control, and by challenging conventional architectures.

Get started today!

Interested in more information about IBM Cloud Direct Link? Learn about the overview and specific features here.

— Co-authored by: Matt Simpson, Head of Global Cloud Strategy

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