Maximize the Value and Accelerate the Use of Your New IBM z16 System Features

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Our IBM Systems Lab Services experts offer infrastructure services to help you leverage the unique capabilities of the z16.

Is your enterprise mainframe environment quantum-safe? Are you currently maximizing your AI capabilities for highly time-sensitive transactions? Is your enterprise modern, or is it in need of a refresh?

Meet the IBM z16, which was built with these features in mind to help your enterprise advance.

The newly released z16 can help you predict, secure and modernize your enterprise, so you can do the following:

  • Predict and automate with accelerated AI: Apply insights at speed and scale to create new value in every customer interaction. This can increase productivity and lower operational costs with automation and AIOps. AI integration is also imperative. AI on z16 is designed to provide the best possible experience in highly time-sensitive transactions that require a rapid response. The AI computation, known as inference, takes place wholly within the core Z system, as the time restrictions do not allow for the inference to be performed outside of the system. This provides a rapid response.
  • Secure with a cyber-resilient system: Provide protection for data and systems that spans multiple and varied compute paradigms. Address ever-increasing regulations with automation for compliance, which can be difficult to manage. Plan and mitigate the risk of potential future disasters through quantum-safe encryption protection for post-quantum cryptographical vulnerabilities. Running more on a mainframe can put you in a better position to leverage cryptography and quantum-safe capabilities.
  • Modernize with a hybrid cloud: Empower your developers with the agility to accelerate the modernization of existing workloads. Enable the integration of z16 workloads with new digital services across the hybrid cloud. Support the application modernization, migration and subsequent compliance with global regulations.

These exciting new features can elevate your operational capabilities and prepare you for the future. If you are already on the z15 system and are looking to build upon it, or you are new to the z16 system, our TSS Technical Services (formerly known as IBM Systems Lab Services) experts are here to help. We specialize in supporting clients in accelerating their understanding and adoption of the technology.

It can be easier to update your operating system with the help of an expert who can guide you in your implementation or upgrade. This way, you can maximize the return on your investment by ensuring you have taken advantage of all the new features of the z16, while also connecting all of your systems.

How IBM Systems Lab Services can help with your IBM z16 system

Our IBM Systems Lab Services experts offer infrastructure services to help you leverage the unique capabilities of the z16 to build the foundation for today’s hybrid cloud and enterprise IT data centers. With z16, IBM Systems Lab Services helps you deploy the building blocks of a next-generation IT infrastructure that empowers your business.

Our experts can help you do the following:

  • Predict: Through the integration of AI, you can keep data close to extreme processing capabilities. z16 offers the perfect solution and services needed to help you understand AI capabilities. You can envision how to leverage the strengths of z16, while also identifying and prioritizing use cases and establishing the right foundation in the overall infrastructure. We also provide new services to help clients get up and running using AI on Z. For example, we work with the IBM Client Engineering team to help you build a plan and use case for AI, and we also work with IBM Consulting for those who need more help in an AI Model and application development
  • Secure: Security has never been more important than it is today. z16 can construct extremely secure defenses, and clients need to ensure that they proactively take advantage of those highly secure capabilities. Our services can help you understand potential security exposures and how to strengthen the system in response, which is even more important with quantum-safe capabilities. The IBM Z Security and Compliance Center (zSCC) offers services to help assemble the foundation to position your systems to support a business model that is compliant. In addition, we have the Quantum Safe Assessment for Z Systems. For this assessment, we will ensure that you are using the current best practices for your system and check that you are fully maximizing the Z Systems technologies to help protect your mainframe environment from quantum security risks.
  • Modernize: Application modernization, migration and compliance with global regulations can be difficult, so many clients can benefit from obtaining guidance in getting up to speed on their software and helping with their migration. Complying with the many different regulations globally is very important, both continuously and in a predictable way. For example, we provide a new CICS Modernization Health Check, which can help analyze and enhance your CICS application modernization capabilities by leveraging modernization capabilities delivered via Red Hat Open Shift and z/OS Connect.

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IBM Systems Lab Services offers infrastructure services to help you build hybrid cloud and enterprise IT. Lab Services consultants collaborate with clients on-site, offering deep technical expertise, valuable tools and successful methodologies - and help clients solve business challenges, gain new skills and apply best practices.

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