Instantly View Historical Delivery Pipeline Data with DevOps Insights

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Exciting new features for DevOps Insights

In April, we announced that we were bundling IBM DevOps Insights together with IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery (CD). This announcement makes the developer experience on IBM Cloud even better. Now, you can receive unlimited usage of Insights for any data sent from CD Delivery Pipelines and Git Repositories.

We've now made it easier to understand what's happening with your DevOps processes. We've added new features that extend the integration between Insights and CD so that you can understand where problems exist in your pipeline.

View Delivery Pipeline Analytics at a glance

Insights now automatically displays historical CD pipeline data (from the prior two weeks) with no other integration steps required.

To add Insights to your existing pipeline, follow the prompts that appear on your toolchain homepage. Alternatively, click the Add a Tool button and select DevOps Insights from the catalog.

When you click on the DevOps Insights tile on your toolchain homepage, you'll see a new Overview page with links to videos, tutorials, and additional information. You'll also see CD delivery pipeline data from the previous two weeks.

DevOps Insights


With the ability to see the status of your pipelines at a glance, you can understand which jobs and stages are running into problems more often. You can also see which runs are taking the longest amounts of time. Instantly, you can begin to troubleshoot issues with your pipelines and start to solve the problems. Together, this can result in increased velocity for your deployments and better control of your processes.

Drill down for more details

On the Insights Overview page, you can quickly see the following:

  • An aggregate of your pipeline's total number of stage failures (and the total number of stages run), and the total time consumed by all your stage runs.
  • A trend view of the top five most frequently failing stages. This allows you to quickly identify the stages that are causing your team the most problems.
  • A trend view of the top five most time-consuming stages. You can instantly understand where your pipeline runs are spending most of their time.
  • A granular view of all jobs run. Isolate anomalies and directly link to the stage to help you investigate failures.

Best of all, since Insights is now free for CD users with delivery pipelines or hosted Git, you just need to add Insights to a toolchain that is using these capabilities to gain the benefits. Try these new features out and let us know how they work for you.

Need help with Insights?

Have questions about your DevOps Insights experience? You can now directly engage with Insights experts by clicking on the Ask a Question button which appears to the right of your toolchain.

DevOps Insights 2

Questions can be submitted either via our Slack channel or in our dWAnswers support forum.

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Note: While DevOps Insights is offered on the IBM Cloud in three locations (US South - Dallas, UK - London, and Germany - Frankfurt), pipeline data is currently only available in Dallas and London.

For more information on DevOps Insights, view the documentation or try the following tutorials:

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