Immerse yourself in stream computing without getting in over your head with IBM Streams Designer

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Immerse yourself in stream computing without getting in over your head with IBM Streams Designer

The core features comprising Watson Data Platform, Data Science Experience and Data Catalog on IBM Cloud, along with additional embedded AI services, including machine learning and deep learning, are now available in Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog. 

The world doesn’t stop, which also means that data never stops pouring in. If you’re in the analytics game, then basing your efforts on a snapshot of historical data always involves a degree of compromise. Did you choose the right data set; one that is an accurate representation of ongoing operations so that it doesn’t skew your analysis? How soon will your insights be out of date? How can you store the data that you’re analyzing cost-effectively?

Questions like these led to the birth of stream computing, in which large volumes of data are captured, processed, ingested and analyzed at high velocity. By analyzing data in motion, companies can seize that all-important competitive advantage, rather than wasting time and resources on misleading analytics activities. Consequently, there’s a lot of buzz around stream processing right now, with a sense that it is time this technology went truly mainstream.

Still on the shore?

But for those yet to take the plunge into stream computing, the waters can seem uninviting, and even intimidating. If you’re new to the game, stream computing tools can often seem to be aimed only at the very high-end, complex application use cases – and priced accordingly. And so far, that has generally been true, with vendors leapfrogging ahead of many customers to provide solutions for streaming applications with multiple stages of processing and huge numbers of events per second.

In fact, a survey by revealed that 45 percent of users are building streaming applications designed to handle fewer than 100,000 events per second. And 60 percent of users incorporate five or fewer data feeds in their streaming analytics projects, with 18 percent using no more than two.

It makes sense that many users want to start small. And perhaps they will never want to get in too deep, as many business needs can be served by simpler streaming applications. Users like these have typically been under-served when it comes to supporting tools… until now.

Diving in

Recognizing that most users want to learn to walk before they try and run with streaming applications, IBM is addressing the gap in the marketplace with IBM® Streams Designer.

Streams Designer is the new web-based development tool for building streaming applications in IBM Watson® Data Platform. With a visual drag and drop development environment, the tool makes it very simple for users to define the intent of a new app through visual composition and code.

By embracing Streams Designer, you will be able to collect, curate, analyze and act on data in real-time. Once you’ve defined an application within the solution, you can deploy it to the industry-leading IBM Streaming Analytics service, which offers best-in-class analytics and optimizations.

Swimming strong

If, like many, you’re experimenting with Internet of Things (IoT) applications that incorporate streaming data, Streams Designer could offer just what you’re looking for to get your project off the ground. Even those that lack advanced development skills can quickly get up and running with simple aggregations, filtering and alerting based on a small number of inputs.

For example, business managers and architects that typically discover, select and buy initial solutions can try out initial use cases with Streams Designer. Once they’ve seen the benefits of the tool in action, they can hand it over to developers or engineers for the next stage: creating the applications that are deployed into production.

Extra buoyancy

Streams Designer isn’t just useful for the uninitiated. Even if you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to stream computing, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from a tool that makes life simpler. Over time, IBM plans to add more and more functionality to Streams Designer, so it can be used to create extremely sophisticated applications.

To get started with IBM Streams Designer beta, sign up for Watson Data Platform to access the IBM Streams Designer in the tools section.

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