IBM Cloud Raises the Bar for Secure High Performance Computing

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A new HPC solution from IBM Cloud

IBM has a long history of leadership in high performance computing (HPC). With ground-breaking advancements in systems, software, and services, IBM has enabled enterprises across many industries to manage distributed environments for running their HPC workloads for decades.

Customers are taking advantage of the massive computational power that cloud computing brings to HPC workloads. Identifying and scripting the necessary provisioning and configuration steps required to build scalable compute environments in the cloud can be daunting. When the need to encrypt valuable data and algorithms is added, the complexity only increases.

IBM Cloud is now announcing a new automated solution that enables customers to quickly and easily build scalable, encrypted compute environments in the IBM Cloud.

Introducing IBM Cloud HPC Cluster

IBM Cloud is excited to announce the general availability of IBM Cloud HPC Cluster. This scalable and repeatable service simplifies the process of building encrypted HPC environments in the IBM Cloud. The automated service provided by HPC Cluster eases the burden on IT administrators and shortens time to results.

The HPC Cluster service includes two deployment plans: Encrypted Bare Metal HPC Cluster and Encrypted VSI HPC Cluster.  The HPC Cluster service is ideal for users who require high levels of security and encryption for their computationally intensive workloads. It enables customers to bring their own encrypted operating system image and bring their own keys to protect the confidential nature of data and algorithms. With the built-in security and encryption features provided by IBM Cloud HPC Cluster, customers have complete control over their HPC environment in the cloud.

Key benefits of IBM Cloud HPC Cluster

The HPC Cluster service greatly simplifies the process to create and manage encrypted compute environments in the IBM Cloud.

By applying advanced encryption, automation, and monitoring, customers can quickly create scalable compute environments with their choice of compute resources. These environments can be used to execute multiple HPC workloads while ensuring data privacy. The environments can be easily modified by adding and deleting compute resources depending on workload needs.

HPC Cluster key features include the following:

  • Support for bring your own encrypted operating system and Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)

  • Automated deployment and configuration of single-tenant, redundant LUNA Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

  • Automated deployment of compute resources, with boot encryption using customer provided keys

  • Integration with IBM Cloud Object Storage

  • Integration with Activity Tracker to view, manage, and audit cloud activity

The HPC Cluster service is deployed into the customer’s own IBM Cloud account and offers high degrees of customization and control, allowing clients to replicate their on-premise HPC environments in the cloud or extend their HPC workloads to the cloud. All compute configurations offered through this service provide hourly, consumption-based pricing, which helps customers to control spending.

Getting started

IBM Cloud HPC Cluster provides a service that builds and deploys all of the components necessary for a scalable, encrypted compute environment, including Networking, VSI or Bare Metal system selection, redundant HSMs, and Storage. The service supports the ability to bring your own key and bring your own encrypted operating system and automates the complicated process of bootstrapping the customer supplied encrypted operating system.

IBM Cloud HPC Cluster raises the bar for securing high performance computing workloads in the cloud.

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