Exciting New Enhancements in the Latest VMware on IBM Cloud Release

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IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Version 2.5 is now live

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions is pleased to announce our most recent release of VMware vCenter Server (VCS) and VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) offerings on IBM Cloud—Version 2.5—on August 20. This release includes the following important enhancements and updates:

Private networking

The IBM CloudBuilder and IBM CloudDriver components no longer require direct connectivity to the public network. These components reside alongside your instance and perform activities such as initial configuration or adding clusters, hosts, and services. Please note, however, that some services still require public network connectivity, including Zerto Virtual Replication, F5 BIG–IP, FortiGate–VM, and VMware HCX.

User and access management

User and access management

You can now manage other IBM Cloud users’ access to your VMware instances using IBM Identity and Access Management (IAM). New instances that you deploy will automatically have this capability enabled. If you have existing instances deployed in V2.4 or earlier releases, you will first need to associate them with an IBM Cloud account. For details, see the following article: “Managing user access with IAM


Spectrum Protect Plus scalability

Beginning with V2.5, IBM Cloud now deploys the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus service in a configuration with a separate Spectrum Protect Plus server and vSnap and VADP proxy server. The Spectrum Protect Plus service also now supports the ordering of up to 120TB of backup capacity at the time of deployment.

New KMIP geography

The KMIP for VMware service is now available in the Germany region.

Please read our V2.5 release notes for more details.

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